writing – is – pure – magic

writing – is – pure – magic

Writing is a purely magical experience. The way it seems to be born from nothing, floating in from out of the blue. Words appear on a page, and ideas, concepts, and visions take shape before us.

Writers use conscious and subconscious powers to weave words together until they form a complete whole. Analyzing and judging each letter – every punctuation mark. Their precise placement upon the page. Their overall appearance.

Some artists paint with oils, acrylics or watercolors, but writers paint with words. Words which generate images within the reader’s mind. Each individual can interpret these words as they see them, based on their own personal experiences.

Sometimes, I see writing as a film director on the set. Planning every scene, down to the minutest detail. Looking at the actors, costumes, make-up, hair, set-design. The wind blowing in from the fans, picking up dust and props. The lighting and sound. Everything has to be perfect. Every element, planned and intended. Although, this isn’t always so, because life and complications can come about, or perhaps a certain actor wants to experiment with new lines. Spontaneously improving upon the original script. These occurrences are rare and should be embraced; by all means. In the same way, the writer makes plans and plots, but his projects don’t always turn out as he originally intended.

What if the director is filming a scene atop a steep mountain cliff? And the mountain begins to tremble from below, causing an awful and violent effect. Plunging actors to their demise on the steep cliffs. Killing off countless ones. Their screaming bodies plunging to a fiery doom deep within the earth. Can you see all of this? I just killed off innumerable characters, by only writing a few sentences. You, my audience, visualized the entire scene (I hope). A film director would either have to create this vision on an actual mountain or through CGI effects. Making it look real and authentic. I on the other hand just described it to you in semi-dramatic detail and didn’t have to consult with any film budget supervisors in the process. This is why writing is so fun and has virtually no limitations.

I want to paint images of spectacular beauty. I want to go on adventures to exotic lands. I want to test your own limits of endurance and take you on emotional roller-coasters. Introducing you to villains that you despise and heroes that you want to hold close. This is the magic that writing has. All of this can occur and more, with only a few simple glances at the page.

But the key to writing, to this incredible art form, is to always get the reader, to turn the page, which I believe is becoming more and more challenging as the internet becomes more complex and crowded with stimulating/tantalizing content. As a writer, as a content creator, that makes me want to be better and create the best content possible. Which, is a good motivator for any type of activity. When I make something, I think of the impact and impression that I’ll have on my audience. The impressions I want to make are varied and complex. I want to show you every human emotion. Feats of stamina and endurance. Our amazing potential and our undying spirit of adventure.

I want to show you temples of such vast beauty, that they leave you utterly speechless. Temples that haven’t been built yet. Temples constructed by craftsmen from other realms. Realms – beyond space and time. These are the places I want to go. Let’s visit them together – as we follow these words across the page, let’s bravely voyage on, to these wondrous destinations. Passing through the jeweled gates together and reaching out to touch the precious multi-faceted stones of dazzling beauty before us, looking within the large open temple, to its upper reaches, to the towers (casting shadows down upon the lower structures; the marble-sculptures and the open-courts). Begging us to enter deeper, and explore its mysteries and magnitude. Let’s go there…

To sacred realms, and if you have the endurance, let’s also go the lower realms. To the darkest trenches of the Netherworld itself. Let’s pass the ghastly, the most insidious beings. Let’s see what they are doing. For everything isn’t always peaches and cream. Yin and Yang is real, wherever we decide to go. I want to know reality and all of its complexity. I want to touch the stars and visit the great beyond. Through these words, I have figured out a way to travel to places I otherwise will never see with my physical eyes. Places that exist, but are beyond normal description. These are the reasons – I choose to write. Because of Wanderlust…


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