Writer’s Block is Evil!

Writer’s Block is Evil!

What is this thing that curses the minds of countless ones? The thing that stalks us and follows us wherever we may be? Closing our eyes and paralyzing our fingers. Preventing any form of creativity to be released from within. Holding it there. Almost like a prisoner within a cell…

There he is inside, begging, screaming, going absolutely berserk at this thing. This entity-like nuisance smacks him in the face, breaking his teeth – pushing him down. “Stay down you piece of sh%t!” it shouts to the prisoner. A hostile little bitch it is. And the prisoner continues on and on in misery, now at the point of smashing his head against the cell’s cold metallic bars in frustration. Attempting to rip them from the walls, but to no avail. The thing is too strong. Too superior and powerful. Much more powerful than the poor, pathetic, helpless prisoner, who has been in the cell for such a long time. Longer than he cares to remember. Now, at his lowest point, laid to waste, lying upon that cold stone floor as his own filth and excrement accumulate around him. At the very end of the line. His lowest point thus far, and we as viewers watch this horrible charade with pity and an overall sense of brooding gloom…

But then something happens. He has an inner revelation. The man realizes that he has gone so low that he can’t go any lower. Physics will not allow this to occur, and no one can argue with her. So what’s he do then? He gets up, wiping himself off, brushing his hair back, tending to his bruises and wounds. “Hey, I’m still alive,” he proclaims. “And this prison could just be one of my own disgusting creations. Maybe I can do something. Something different – with a bit of imagination. I can think outside the box – so to speak. I can reach deeper than I’ve ever attempted to reach. I can find a way to escape and turn this mother fucker around like a top on a mile-long string. What do you guys say? Is it possible?” Now the man is talking to us as we observe in curiosity, nodding our heads, waiting to see what he does next.

“I’ll do whatever it takes. I’ll smash through these walls, and break down the gates. I’ll call upon the Gods to come to my aid and rescue me from my miserable state.”

After a few summonings and waves of his hands. A couple of mystical words whispered into the moist air, which he seems to speak into the sink. Why the sink? We’re not sure. Perhaps because of its connection with water and plumbing and to the outside world, who really knows at this point?

He stomps his feet and raises his hands as if he were calling upon heavenly bodies – dragons and fantastical beasts from afar. “I can do it,” he chants. “I can do it. I can do it!” And all of a sudden – – – he does! He transforms himself into a mighty being. Much larger than the normal size of man. With muscles protruding outwards. His clothes ripping away. He becomes so big that those bars and walls become like flimsy shards of clay. He smashes it all! Amassing immeasurable amounts of confidence and strength. Now running through those halls. The very halls that he hasn’t stepped on since many years before when he was first put away – when the stagnation of his own imagination took hold of him. But now he ran through them while freeing other ones in the process. Destroying countless locks with the quick swipe of his indestructible fists. Taking an incredible leap through the thick concrete ceiling. About to exit his prison for good. Fiercely breaking through it and now standing on the rooftops. Ready to jump off and fly far far away to the land of pure creation…


This my friends, is what it takes sometimes to break out of a rut. Call it what you will; writer’s block, boredom, lethargy, a miserable case of depression – it doesn’t matter. I implore you to get yourself up and create magic with your hands. Make something new and fresh. Something beyond yourself and while you’re at it have some fun!


Let us not become prisoners to our own demons


Charles DuFont

Creator of Tripoart, the best art promotion site!

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