Why do artists struggle so much?

Why do artists struggle so much?

“Though one may be overpowered, two can defend themselves. A cord of three strands is not quickly broken.”

Ecclesiastes 4:12


Why do so many artists struggle to make progress and achieve their goals?

In my opinion, it is because they are selfish. They are mainly concerned with promoting themselves and their brand. They may help someone at times, but only minimally, or they help out their fellow artist and he does not return the favor.

Art is an extension of ourselves. It supersedes business and money because it can last longer than us. A movie, a song, an awe-inspiring structure, that stays with you for life. It’s bigger than you. It lives in our hearts and minds, can travel across continents and ages of time. If you’re only concerned with your own work, then maybe it’s time for you to open your eyes and heart. Look for other like-minded artists. Join forces with them and do something grand, or start small, whatever. The point is, don’t become stagnant. Keep moving forward and edge each other on.

Push, motivate, and compliment one another.

Imagine a team of artists, where one person is brilliant at graphic design, another at sculpture, another at painting, film, marketing, etc. If they work together they will be several times stronger and more impactful than if they worked alone. They’ll have more resources and contacts available to them.

This may not be the soundest advice as far as business goes. Your business advisor will tell you to take ownership of as much of the “pie” as possible… but who likes to eat pie all alone?

Money isn’t always the absolute most important motivator in life. Some art cost very little to produce but took great skill and dedication to achieve. This is where your friends can help out along the way.

If several artists got together in any city and worked together, helping each other and contributing what they can, based on each individual’s skill set, they’d make faster and more efficient advancements. The key is that each person must contribute equally and each project must have one designated leader. Look at a spider as an analogy: a spider has eight legs, but only one head. The legs take the entire body where the head decides to go. The same concept can be applied to these various teams of artists.

Through unity, we can make faster progress and impact a wider range of viewers!



Charles DuFont

Creator of Tripoart, the best art promotion site!

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