Where To Live??

Where To Live??

Big city, small city, little towns, or out in the country surrounded by the wilds of nature?

What are the advantages and disadvantages of each place?

More space – Less space

More people – No people

Endless forms of entertainment – Inventing ways to entertain yourself

Space for a farm, an art studio, a home gym or the chance to go out and be entertained by the latest attractions of the city, while dining in the finest restaurants.

Many are confused about where the best place to live is. In reality, no place is better or perfect but depends on each person’s personality. Some love the activities of city life, while others love to be outdoors enjoying extreme sports and nature.

The best thing to do is to travel around and see what you like. Another good option is to live 3-6 months in a place then move somewhere else, in this way, there’s less of a chance of boredom to creep up on you and drive you nuts.

I know a lot of people from Canada and the northern states who travel south in the winter, this is a great idea and cuts down on suffering from Seasonal Depressive Disorder which is brought on by long gray winters. Be like a bird or a whale and travel according to the weather and seasons. Animals adapt to seasonal changes, why shouldn’t we?

In this post, we’ll discuss the benefits of living in each type of environment and bring up some good points to help you decide where is the best place to live according to your interests and personality.

Let’s go find an exciting place to live!


Big Cities

A lot of people are drawn to the big city.


Millions and billions are drawn there, most inhabitants of Earth prefer to live in a big city.

But why?

What is so attractive about the city?

Here are a few reasons:


With most of the world’s population inhabiting big cities, there are more opportunities to meet people of the opposite sex, it’s as simple as that. Every night and day in the city you will be surrounded by millions of beautiful and attractive people, with a virtually infinite amount of dating options to choose from. Seeing that most people prefer not to live as holy monks who abstain from all forms of sexual pleasure, this reason alone is probably why cities are so popular and why they continuously increase in population around the globe.


Cinemas, theaters, art exhibitions, concerts, restaurants, fine dining, international cultures, and nightlife. Cities have every form of entertainment at close reach. This is awesome to see and experience. Nightlife in the city is unsurpassed with every type of music available to listen to. The bigger the city is, the more variety of entertainment.


There are many companies in the city offering employment. This is another reason so many people are drawn there. Whether they are employees or own their own businesses, there are more commercial opportunities available in the big city.


Drawbacks of City Life

Pollution – the air quality sucks

Traffic – the traffic sucks and will consume vast amounts of your time

Consumerism – there will always be constant temptations for shopping. Clothes, electronics, new furniture for your apartment, etc. There are a never-ending amount of goods available to buy at every moment, and most aren’t even necessary or healthy to use

Food – with tons of delicious food being cooked in a wide variety of restaurants, don’t be surprised to see city dwellers more obese than their brothers from the countryside

Crime – generally, cities are less safe and filled with more hostile people

Space – it’s extremely expensive and limited, expect to pay top dollar for a tiny apartment in the city


Small Cities

In a small city, there will be less traffic, pollution, and crime. People will be less stressed out and friendlier. There will be less economic opportunities, but you’ll have more access to nature. It’ll be a healthier lifestyle, with less consumerism, cheaper rent, and an overall better quality lifestyle.


Small Towns

Small towns are a nice laid back place to be, but they are quite boring. When you go out for a walk, you’ll always see the same faces. People in small towns tend to be nosy and gossipy so be prepared to greet your neighbors regularly and for them to ask you about your personal life every time you see them.  You better tell them something interesting, if you don’t they may invent some good gossip about your life that isn’t even true. This is common in small towns. There’s almost nothing to do there, people’s lives revolve around drinking tea, coffee, and beer. They are one of the most boring places to live, but the nature surrounding many small towns is spectacular. If you want to be in civilization but close to nature, they are a good option.


The Countryside

Being out in the country is incredible, you can do whatever you want, invite whoever you want to be with, and don’t have to worry about gossipers, pollution, traffic or any other type of man-made problems.

You will be far from everything and be inspired by nature, breathe pure air, and see abundant wildlife.

Some can’t deal with the outdoors because of the lack of entertainment and human interaction. The outdoors are better suited for people who know how to entertain themselves through playing music, painting, writing, hiking, exercising, cooking, studying nature, throwing wild parties, or any other type of cool outdoor activity. Most of these activities are free, so the outdoors are also perfect for people who are on a budget.


First World Vs Third World

Again, this is a matter of preference.

Many people from the first world are moving to third world countries because there seem to be more opportunities there. There is less development and more of a chance to start a new business with less competition. Unfortunately, third world countries are complicated logistically, but for those who don’t lack the resources and perseverance, there can be many economic and social chances for growth.

On the other hand, many from the third world are desperate to leave their countries and move to first world countries like France, England, the US, Canada, and Australia.

They envision these places as economic oases where food, money, housing, and everything else comes easily to all who live there. As we know the first world has quite a bit of challenges, especially for those who do not have the capital to start their own business, get a college degree, or buy a home.

One of my favorite success stories of an immigrant moving from one country to another is of Arnold Schwarzenegger. His story is incredible! He was a young bodybuilder from Austria, with almost no money at all. When he was 20, he moved to California through a sponsorship with Joe Weider. He had to prove himself to be a champion and eventually through long intensive training, he won 5 Mr. Universe titles and 7 Mr. Olympia titles.

After that, he invested in real estate, the promotion of bodybuilding supplements, books, and videos. Then he pursued acting without even dominating the English language.

He is a man who likes to challenge and push himself to the limits.

For him moving to America in the 1960’s was the only way to achieve his goals. After he was done conquering bodybuilding, entrepreneurship, and acting in Hollywood, he became the governor of California (2003-2011). He’s one of the most successful and famous men in the world.

Location makes a difference.

I’m not telling you this so you move to California. I only want to highlight a story where changing location made Arnold the man he is today, and why you should consider where you are living.

To read more about Arnold’s incredible story click here!


Wrapping It Up

What’s the Best Option?

Living in big cities of 6 million or more inhabitants is always a stressful time for me, but each person’s personality and preferences are unique. If you’re confused about where to live then I recommend traveling for a while and experimenting to see where you like the most.

I have lived in small towns, big cities, small cities and out in the countryside.

I know that I don’t like big cities or small towns, but I do like the country and small cities so these are the places I choose to live. Although I do like to visit small towns when I’m on vacation.

I love Latin America. Its filled with adventure and has the laid-back lifestyle that I prefer. The weather is spectacular and the diversity of nature is breathtaking.

For a traveler, settling down and finding a home is either something he can’t possibly think of or something he’s ready to do because he wants to put down roots and he’s tired of always living out of a suitcase.

Travelers have an advantage over sedentary people in that they can experience life in many different types of cities and environments and when they are ready to settle down, they’ll know exactly where to go!


Good luck everybody, I hope you are happy wherever you decide to live!

Charles DuFont

Creator of Tripoart, the best art promotion site!

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  1. Thank you for these good insights. It really started us of thinking about this topic more in depth. Luckily there is also the possibility to live on the edge of a big city to combine a bit of small city/town and the close reach to the big city to combine different aspects of life.

    1. Hey that’s another good option! Which city are you located in? Thanks for your comments

  2. No, I am not familiar with your city, but I know that China has many of the biggest cities in the world. What do you think is the best way to adapt and take advantage of big city life?

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