What’s Your Message?

What’s Your Message?

As an artist/content producer, one of the first questions you should ask yourself is what message you want to share to the world?

We should probably ask ourselves this question every day, for every piece we make, from the beginning of our careers up until the end, when we’re older and wiser. This way we can see how our priorities and internal vision changes throughout the years.

Some people, no doubt, are less concerned with their message and more interested in fortune, fame, and stardom. They simply picture themselves up on the stage in front of thousands of screaming fans who are eager and hungry to hear every word and note that comes out of their mouths. But think of the power these talented individuals have. Think of the position that they’re in. If they do have an important message, it will be heard by many, and if people respect their opinion and viewpoint, they’ll become a great influence.

Even some of the biggest Hollywood blockbusters filled with excessive CGI effects, explosions, and non-stop action have a message to tell. Although, sometimes it’s hard to hear that message through all the onscreen madness. But, believe me, every film has a message. Some are obviously deeper than others. Some messages are good, while others are bad. But whatever, the point is that when you create and share your content, it’s all about you and your message. Do you want to spread miserable darkness or a shining light upon a darkening world? Want to be positive, weird, sexual, explicit, shocking, mind-blowing, consciousness-expanding, provocative, comedic, heart-warming, inspirational, etc.? The choice is up to you.

When people are done viewing your creations, whether you’re a painter, sculptor, filmmaker, or musician, what type of impression do you want to leave behind? When your audience walks away and takes the time to think and analyze what you’ve done, what type of thoughts will be running through their minds?

These are the questions you should be asking yourself: Which cause do I want to support? What grand mission needs to be accomplished in this world?

Let art be the way that you spread your message. Use it to shine your particular light onto others, that way when you do finally arrive at a place where many will hear your voice, you’ll know exactly what it is that needs to be said.



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