Tripoart’s Vision

Tripoart’s Vision

“This world is but a canvas to our imagination.”

Henry David Thoreau


Hi everyone, I hope you are all doing fantastic today!

I’d like to talk about the vision and goals of This site is not only about me; Charles DuFont the Artist. It’s about creating a community for artists, where people can share and improve their artistry, it’s about going on incredible adventures to exotic lands and living life to the fullest, it’s about meeting new amazing artists, working with them or buying their artwork to display in our homes and businesses, it’s about collectively growing on a personal and artistic level.


Tripoart’s Features Include:



Our blog is a place to promote our artwork, talk about traveling, personal adventures and accomplishments. We want to include tons of useful, practical and stimulating content on the blog, and we invite everyone with some basic writing skills and a story to tell to get involved!


Tripoart Art Store

Our store is now in its early stages, we need to add lots of new original handmade products! For example, I want to see artisanal soaps, delicious single-origin chocolate and coffee, paintings of all different styles, sculptures, handcrafted furniture, self-published e-books and anything else that’s original and unique.

Currently, I’m working on some (incredibly) entertaining e-books to add to the store, and a few more t-shirt designs as well.

Our site is free, safe and secure to use, we work directly with WordPress and PayPal, and soon will be adding other payment options like Stripe.



Our forum is a great place to share knowledge and ideas about art, travel, and adventure. You won’t be bombarded with commercials and high-pressure sign-up campaigns. Tripoart is a casual place to visit and communicate with like-minded individuals.



Personally, I would love to collaborate with writers and filmmakers. I’m working on some books and film projects now and it would be great to get other creative people involved and work on cool art projects together. If anyone is in the Bogota, Colombia area then let me know and maybe we can get creative, we can also work remotely through the internet if you live in a faraway place!

Other artists can also use our site and forum to meet new artists and work on your various creative activities.


Tripoart is World Focused

Europe, Asia, Africa, Australia, North and South America and everywhere in between, art and adventure are all around us, that’s why Tripoart is a World Focused Website. We don´t care what country or region you are from, let’s see your art and hear your stories!

Tripoart is a diverse place to see interesting people and learn about cultures from around the globe, so we welcome people of all backgrounds to get involved!



In Conclusion

If you are an artist, a traveler, an adventurer, an art patron or want to learn more about these topics then feel free to get involved and Join Tripoart!

We wish to help and connect with as many artists and art patrons as possible, so if you have any questions or comments then let us know Here, thanks.

Good luck everyone on your journey and talk soon!

Charles DuFont

Creator of Tripoart, the best art promotion site!

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