During these current harsh times, people really need to start working together. Gone are the days of “every man for
The Way Back (2010) is a long sad excruciating film about six men who escape a Soviet gulag and traverse
Rambo - Last Blood begins kind of slowly and gradually picks up quite a bit and drags your entire helpless
Recently I watched both of the most recently made Kong films, and in this post I’m going to attempt to
Long, long, long ago there was a big, big bang, but it wasn’t an explosion of destruction, like an atomic
We’ve seen those soft, delicate, subtle artforms that can move us with a few sweeps of a brush, or a
May we accomplish the good goals that we set out to do, make the contacts that we need to make,
The snow began to fall, the lights began to shine, the great festivities to celebrate the end of the year
When traveling it’s good to do so with a purpose. We each have our own personal goals and interests, these
Ever since the chariot was invented, people have been waiting on the side of the road, asking those chariot owners
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