Thoughts on Truth

Thoughts on Truth

“All truth passes through three stages. First, it is ridiculed. Second, it is violently opposed. Third, it is accepted as being self-evident.”

Arthur Schopenhauer (1788-1860)


We argue about an infinite amount of topics, some of which are crucial to life and the stability of our current system and others with an insignificant amount of long-term relevance, but they nevertheless spark debate and controversy, attracting many to endlessly discuss and argue without apparent logic, contributing to strong emotional and offensive behaviors…

Occasionally, I get into debates (or arguments, depending on the disposition of the participants involved) with random people online. These scenarios don’t always end well. Emotions can fly about, along with insults, the latter of which I decline to indulge in. My reason for getting involved in such interactions is to reach to the very core of each issue or question at hand and unravel the truth; which for me is superior to everything else. I care not if I’m found to be wrong or incorrect. I only wish to learn, grow and understand new, better ways to view our reality in this big mysterious world we all live in and share together. So when people go online and start to duke it out, I attempt to inject as much wisdom and thought-provoking commentary as possible. Of course we all come from different backgrounds, so it’s only natural for each person to have their own separate opinion on every topic, nevertheless, factual data should always be taken into consideration before we come to conclusions and throw out harsh insults. This system doesn’t always work to my benefit. I’ve been called all kinds of terrible things. It seems like many people easily take offense by almost any comment that doesn’t sit well with them. They make judgments in a matter of seconds, label others, and quickly point their assumed correct fingers at anyone who gets in the way of their beliefs, but does that even matter? If one is speaking the truth and another disagrees and is upset with them for pointing it out, is the messenger at fault? Should he/she shut up and keep his/her illuminated ideas to him/herself while others live beside him/her with blinds over their eyes, seeing the world with a blurry and unclear view? Maybe they’re influenced by the falsehoods of the media and all manner of modern devices designed to keep us in a pleasant state of ignorant satisfaction. Therefore, whether I or anyone else speaks the truth is irrelevant. What’s important is that we are open-minded enough to accept it, learn from it, and change our thinking and/or ways if such truth reveals that our personal beliefs and/or behaviors are erroneous. Such truth should allow us to live better, richer lives…

For what is life, but a temporary experience, a quick flash of biological existence upon a four and a half billion-year-old planet, which is just a tiny ball of matter orbiting through the galaxy amongst countless celestial bodies. And what’s truth, but the way that we universally understand the reality that surrounds us during the time that we’re alive…


I’ve written a poem to show my perspective on truth:

I only speak the Truth. Does this make me superior to those that do not speak it or comprehend it? I think not. For all of us will certainly become dust when it’s all said and done. And after the winds of time blow our remains across the great fields of this world the only thing that will still be standing is Truth.


Charles DuFont

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