The Truth about King Kong!

The Truth about King Kong!

Recently I watched both of the most recently made Kong films, and in this post I’m going to attempt to decipher their esoteric symbolism. I wouldn’t necessarily recommend watching either of these movies (in many ways they’re actually very painful for me to watch) but you know behind all the wild CGI effects and totally unbelievable action sequences there’s some messages there, I believe. Otherwise, some of Hollywood’s highest paid actors (like Jack Black, Naomi Watts, Samuel L. Jackson, John Goodman, and many others) and directors wouldn’t have gotten involved with the project… They’re trying to tell us something – Let’s find out what it is!

What does Kong represent?
Kong is a gigantic male gorilla with incredible strength and power. He lives on Skull Island which is an isolated island in the South Pacific that has a direct connection to Hollow Earth, a lost underground world filled with gigantic exotic species.

Kong is The Dude. He represents pure strength and masculinity. He protects damsels in distress and fights evil reptilian creatures from the Underworld. So, he’s a good guy. A very good guy actually, because he stands between us and the evils of the world.

Who are his enemies on the island?
These things are just nasty. They make awful shrieking sounds and will fill your life with misery. They’ll eat you up in one bite and smack you across the valley with their tails that are made of thick solid muscle.

They cannot be reasoned with and they represent the Devil, Yuck!

What happens when the “civilized” men make first contact on the island?
Well, these people are just complete idiots who drop bombs and shoot everything in their path. Imagine discovering a lost world filled with the most amazing creatures and breathtaking scenery and a connection to both our ancient past and hollow earth and the first thing you do is destroy shit or try to take something back to NYC so you can get rich and famous. That’s exactly what these morons do. They represent everything that’s wrong with modern society. Instead of learning from the new discoveries of the island, they only want to conquer and fight and exploit it.

Unfortunately, we see the same behavior going on today in our jungles, which is very very sad.

Why are the local indigenous people so disgusting?
The local inhabitants are depicted as horrible zombied out poor and ghastly looking folk. Which is a reoccurring theme with Hollywood, who always depict the wild and tribal cultures as some backward things that cannot be reasoned with. Which is false. Modern man is the one who is lost and who doesn’t know how to live in harmony with nature, or use his reason.


Kong making a heroic last stand on top of a huge phallic shaped building in New York City


What happens when Kong dies, who will protect us from the reptilians?
We are fucked without Kong. Without male masculinity honor and strength, we cannot fight the evil reptile devils amongst us. The feminist movement seeks to empower women, but I’ve never heard them talk about their right to bear arms. What’s up with that? You cannot empower yourself if you are weak and defenseless. In certain extreme situations in this world, we need to physically fight in order to defend ourselves. And there’s absolutely nothing wrong with that. In fact, no species would be alive today if they didn’t have some form of self defense. So Kong represents nature defending itself from the dangers of society, which has many many levels of filth and scum. Kong does not go around the world and wreak havoc. No, he stays on his beautiful island and protects it. Which is what we should all do. Guard our people and land from evil invaders. Because if we don’t do that, we might as well throw some sauce on ourselves, lay down, and wait for the reptilians to come and eat us for breakfast, because that’s exactly what’s going to happen y’all!
I’m Out! I hope you all have a lovely day!


It wasn’t beauty that killed the beast, it was modern backwards thinking and acting behavior…

This is our last stand…


Hollow Earth is real BTW 😝

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