The Mad One – Part Six

The Mad One – Part Six

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The Mad One is an original series created by Charles DuFont. It is about a crazed drunken scientist who finds himself in a foreign hostile land. It is for mature readers.


“Move, move it faster! If you don’t stay with them, they drag you behind the machines,” said the old translator.

“I’m tired and hungry. We’ve been walking for three days now!”

“It doesn’t matter. Have many more days to hike, so better move the faster, otherwise will torture you.”

“I told you. They won’t lay a finger on me. I’m a genius. Do you know what a fucking genius is? It means I’m smarter than all these bastards. Although, I still don’t know exactly how their machines work. We don’t have those in my country. It must be some hydraulic robotic tech equipped with motion sensors. I haven’t really worked with robots before. Of course, I understand the theories behind it, but I’m more of a chemist and I do dabble in biology, from time to time…”

“Shut fuck up and march, I telling you, your going get us in trouble!”

“Can’t you see me moving my feet? You better watch your tone with me. I’m serious. I march at my own damn pace. These cock suckers can’t push us around, who the hell do they think they are!”

“Ssshuut uuup!” he shrieked, pointing his face downwards.

A big orangutan-looking soldier stopped in his tracks. He looked at us and started grunting in his native tongue, which I couldn’t understand for the life of me. The translator translated:

“He say you need stop talking, otherwise you will be the punish.”

“Tell him he can go fuck himself. I’m already being punished here. I haven’t eaten for days. I’m tired and beat. Do your worst, you idiot!”

He translated my words. I wonder how vulgarity gets translated in his tongue. I should have asked him to teach me, so I can swear directly to these savages.

The soldier stared at me for a few seconds and then grabbed my arm. He shuffled me past the other slaves, I mean soldiers, with his oily hands.

“Hey, be gentle with me you dick!” I shouted, and moved along as fast as I could. “What the fuck are you going to do to me now, huh?”

We arrived to the front of the line. Sargent was there riding along in one of his mechanical beasts, as comfortable as a king. He even had a few young girls by his side that were giving him backrubs and feeding him fresh fruit.

“You better tell your stupid goons that I’m a scientist and I can help your whole damn army to make weapons, medicine, and all kinds of useful shit. Do you really want to abuse me? I don’t think so. Why don’t you let me ride up front with you, and I’ll explain some simple concepts to help your men with improving efficiency?”

Sargent didn’t speak a word of English, but one of the girls seemed to understand. She must have learned in school. She was really pretty with a nice farm fresh look to her. She whispered in his ear.

Sargent was a very dark and masculine looking man, who could probably kick ass when necessary. I see why the men and women honored him and obeyed his commands.

He spoke to the girl in a relaxed voice and she relayed his message, “He say you need stop yelling otherwise he torture you.”

I began to think for a moment… what to do, what to do?


This drink and this curb and this city is all I have and all I need. I lost my lab, my tools, my instruments, my paycheck, and I don’t fucking care anymore. Why do I need those things anyway? Dammit, I miss Christian though! We almost made the discovery of the century. Why – Why did they ruin it for us? Those bastards. Now look at me, I’m sitting on the ground like fucking Job after God took away everything from him.

Why God? Why?

“Do I really deserve this kind of treatment?”

I lifted my drink and gurgled the booze in my throat, letting it sit there for a while. Alcohol usually burns, but not after you’ve been drinking all day, and all month. Your senses become numb. Someone could probably kick me in the face, and I wouldn’t even feel it. I love my booze. My liquid delights…

“Oh fuck it!”

I got up and smashed the bottle against a brick wall. I’ve had enough of this complaining and acting like a miserable fucker. I need a purpose. What the hell am I gonna do? I can’t do science any more, so let’s, let’s…


They played with my pathetic body as if it were a frisbee. The machines flicked me back and forth and I heard all the men laughing and mocking me, but I couldn’t really see them cause everything was a big huge blur. The machine grabbed my ankle, spun around and chucked me back to the other one. This went on for quite some time. I lost count of the passes after forty! They threw me high. Then low. Faster and faster. Tossing me, and barely catching me before I hit the ground. I swear, I could have died a thousand deaths, but those machines were pretty fucking precise. Except that one time when the thing grabbed me by the balls and flung me over. I thought it was only supposed to grab ankles and wrists, holy shit that hurt! After it was over, and I sprayed puke everywhere, and the men had their laughs, the machine put me down.

I felt dizzier than a crackhead getting off a merry-go-round that had been suped up with twin jet engines. I could barely stand, and now they were all pushing me to move forward. “Go, Go, Go,” they shouted.

I tried to move, but I couldn’t. I fell flat on my face. The last thing I remember is the taste of dirt entering my mouth as my skull cracked into the pavement…


time to change?

When I woke up that morning I knew it was a day for change. I didn’t know how, or what I would do to bring about this glorious change into my life, but I decided to put the bottle down for at least a few hours so I could clear my head up.

I got out of bed and went out for a walk. It was a really nice day. The birds were chirping away and the cars weren’t honking their horns so much. The sun was shiny and I had a spring in my step. If I can create all those things in the lab then there must be something out there for me to do in this world.

I walked past some restaurants. There was Chinese food, Indian, Korean, Taiwanese, Mexican and Egyptian. Dumplings, samosas, tortillas, kibbes and bubble teas. All the tasty oriental treats tempted my senses as I walked past.

That’s when a lightning bolt struck me in the nerve (metaphorically speaking). I thought, I’ll go on a journey. I haven’t traveled abroad in years. I still had money saved up from all the cash we stole. Maybe, just maybe if I travel and see something different, something new, that will help me to get out of this slump and discover something special in the world…


So I went down to the travel bureau and browsed around through their brochures. I saw pretty pics of extravagant resorts, hotels, and beaches. Fine dining. Young couples kissing in front of a picturesque sunset. All that typical jazz, but none of it caught my eye. I didn’t really feel like lying on a beach as servants pampered me. I wanted to go out and explore. I needed a trip that would kick me in the ass, change me, and take me out of my miserable rut. Then I saw it. A land that almost no one visits. A land that was war-torn and crumbling into utter chaos.

This is it, I thought. The only way for me to feel better is to put myself into a worse situation than I’m already in. Then when I come back home, I’ll realize how good I’ve had it all along. Now that’s logic with a capital L, I’m telling you folks!

“Miss,” I said to the smiley lady that was sitting behind her desk. “I’d like a one-way ticket to this country please,” I said while pointing to the little tropical nation on the world map. She looked at me like I said I wanted to go to Uranus or someplace crazy like that.

“Umm Sir, this country? I don’t recommend traveling there at this time. You see, they are not very stable. They are going through some serious political upr..”

I cut her off, “Did I stutter? I want a ticket right now. One way. That’s all I want. I don’t want a lecture, and I don’t want to go to a bullshit resort so I can have some fat-ass maid massage my nuts all day! I want an adventure and this is it!”

“Okay… yes Sir. I’m very sorry. Let me just look through our system. One moment. Can you please have a seat there for a moment,” she responded with a shocked and scared look on her face, probably because she’s not used to hearing the word “nuts”, so early in the morning.

“Alright then, let’s make this happen,” I said to her and waited patiently on the soft cushy seat while fingering through some magazine pages…


When I walked out of that place I knew I made the right decision. If this trip doesn’t change my life then nothing will!


I was right – alright.

I was out of the frying pan and in the oven, literally. We had finally made it to one of their bases and they had me stuffed inside a fucking domestic oven like a thanksgiving day turkey. They detached all the inner shelves of the unit and ordered me inside.

When I hesitated the men manhandled me and squeezed me in there.

Holy shit Stevenson, this is it! I reached the end of the line and it didn’t look pretty.

They shut the door. I heard them wrapping chains around the handle to keep it tightly locked and secure. They messed around with the buttons and the heat started up within a few minutes. I began to say my last prayers to God and to the family that I once had. I was in the most awkward position, and I could barely move or breath as I hugged my knees, and began to wail:

“Why, Why, Ohhh Why did I come to this God-forsaken/fucked up land where savages rule and common sense is nowhere to be found? Where assholes with machines control the masses through torture and terror! Where youths in the prime of their lives prefer death over recruitment! Where nobody has enough guts to rise up and confront these horrible cock-sucking bastards! Where…”

I continued along with my miserable rant and for some reason, they changed their minds. Thank God! They removed the chains, pulled me out and put that translator character in there instead. He was now locked in.

The young cute girl did her translating of the Sargent’s awful poisonous dialect:

“He say you will be next if you don’t comply.”

“Comply! But how? You guys are dragging me all across the land and treating me like horse shit. I can help you’s with anything you need!”

She translated – He rambled on.

“He say he don’t need your science. We have our own, and is better.”

She had a point… I was really impressed with the technology that they operated. There were robotic machines here that I didn’t even see back home, but it was a shame that they used everything to control everyone and force them to do anything they wished.

I grabbed the young girl’s thin elbow, pulling her aside out of earshot of the soldiers, “Okay, well, listen up sweetheart, between you and me, don’t tell anyone this. I can help you to escape, and take you to my country. There you will have freedom. I promise you. We can do anything you want.”

Her eyebrows raised ever so slightly for a very brief moment…

“Ding – Ding”

Rang the bell.

The men took the poor cooked translator out of the oven. Baked whole he was. They carried his roasted flesh and bones out to a butcher table and commenced to chop him up into bite-sized pieces. They brought me a chunk of his arm. I ate it. I was almost starving but it didn’t taste very good. I felt horrible inside. I was eating man-flesh; kidnapped by these fuckers. I really fucked up this time. I should have stayed in my country. Anything would be better than this…

She gave me a couple of the bugs and explained to me how they work in her broken English:

“We use these to the escape. You know how they works?”

The little metallic beetles sat in the palm of my hand.

“I stole from Sargent on night and he doesn’t realize!”

“Great! What do they do?”

“We program as we wish. They can kill for us by injecting the poison or they have tiny cameras so we see what’s going on outside when we do the escape…”


This time we were chasing youths through the jungles! They were running. We were running.  We rampaged through the terrain like locusts as the weeds and branches disintegrated before us; massacring all life beneath our feet and across our chests to make our broad trail. Like this one little fluorescent green colored snail that was crushed beneath my shoe. Poor little fella. Sorry about that, but this military won’t give me a moment to step aside and save a life. He could of been a father with children or a pregnant mother. I couldn’t make out if it was a male or female snail. Oh well, must continue. Must march on. There are more youth out there that need to be recruited, and they’re getting away!

Everyone dashed forward with an obsessed intensity. Pack mentality. All noses and eye sockets pointed forward towards the leader. That horrible Sargent of there’s that I didn’t even know the name of. I didn’t want to know his name. I tried to offer him help, but he’s got a serious superiority complex, and we don’t mix. He probably feels threatened by my intellect. Yes, that must be what the problem is. Once the men see that I’m the smarter and wiser one they will be drawn to me, curious of my story. God forbid anyone get any attention besides that despicable human fuck…

I began to hear it with each step further. Its rushing fury became stronger and stronger. The whiteness of its movements became visible through the plant life. Past numerous branches, ancient tree trunks covered in moss, and bushes with thorns longer than pens.

Past these life forms were the falls.

As we got closer the kids became visible to me. There were about seven of them. They stood in front of a huge cliff that dropped to a river far below. Sargent was up front, alongside him were his machinists. A standoff commenced. He seemed to be negotiating with them in front of that treacherous abyss.

“What are they saying?”

We paused, while the men up front rambled on.

“They say they accept them to military with us, and youth say they do it but they wants freedom to join family on weekends.”

“Are you serious?” I asked, shocked that they had any type of weekly schedule besides campaigning the Earth like the Huns on crack.

“Yeah, some of men, they live close by their family. Even they have doctors to take care of injured soldiers.”

“Oh shit! That is good I guess, if you want to be a professional slave.”

“Yes, you right Stevenson.”

“Look at that, Sargent made a deal and is shaking the youth hands after we chasing them for hours!”

Each rag-clad kid stood up tall, bowed and shook Sargent’s hand. They were then escorted by a recruitment officer to begin training. I was starting to understand how they worked. There was a certain level of organization to their ways, despite the brutal violence and cannibalism they indulged in.

After the sixth boy took the time to bow and shake the asshole’s hand the seventh boy was also very close to shaking and ending his life as he knew it. But instead, he stepped backwards and gracefully lept towards the falls. He was airborne, and what an amazing site it was to behold!  His toned/tanned body plummeted below, against the backdrop of those magnificent falls which rushed down all around his brave rebellious silhouette. His arms spread wide, eagle formed. Nose-diving to freedom he was. To hope. To anything besides bowing low with his nose inches away from the dirt. Living each day by the terms of another…

The men from up top rushed about their equipment, anchoring its feet to the ground…


with dazzling speed, the machine opened up. Blasting down through the tremendous spray, a snake-like member shot towards the youth’s bullet-like body. Electrical currents illuminating its velocity. Snatching him at the ankles, and retracting back with the same hyper-velocity.

And that was it!

Another young man absorbed into the miserable mix of the clan. Tragedy struck once again.

The poor bastard, from within his new snug cage could be heard kicking and screaming about. Almost as loud as the falls themselves he was…


After we sacked the camp, stole all the goods we could carry, and fucked the piss out of their assholes the only thing left for us to do was to trek to the nearest city.

“Do you know how to get out of this area?” I asked Marcela.

Her hair was shimmering as the sun’s light reflected upon her, and her cheeks were glowing just as brightly; despite all we went through.

“I don’t sure, but we must follow in towards west to get closest city. We follow sun at decline. We should make it in few days time.”

“That’s perfect my love! And as soon as we get there, I promise, I’ll take you to my country and we can start a new life.”

When I said “new life”, it looked as if her heart skipped a beat. She gazed at me with eyes of deep gratefulness.

“I don’t know how repay you Stevenson,” she said, “I been through this hell past few years. I never thought my life changes. I thought I die with those fuckers, army in the jungle, or in battle, but now I see there is a hope, and hope I have not felt since my parents…”

“Please, you don’t have to go on anymore, Marcela.”

I held her tightly, and she shed hot tears all over our sweating bodies.

I wiped her face with my handkerchief, her eyes were still sparkling despite the redness.

“Come,” she said, holding my hand, pulling me towards a tree stump, “I wants tell you something important.”

“Okay sure, what is it then?”

We sat down. I put our gear on the ground and I actually felt happy to rest for a moment.

“Mmmmm, I want tell you this one,” she whispered in my ear.

“I’m listening…”

She whispered a few words that I couldn’t comprehend but they sounded very sexy and erotic. She began to kiss my ear. Licking it and sucking on it. Swaying her hot moist tongue along its inner portion. Making sweet orgasmic sounds that resonated within my being. My fifth limb began to rise, ever so – – – gradually. She really turned me on. Wow! Okay! She grabbed my thigh and caressed it up and down. Softly touching me with her tiny ethnic hands.

I took a second to catch my breath…

“Marcela wait, I don’t think this is the right time to do this. We should celebrate later ?”

“Just shut up, I want you now! Maybe we never make it to city. To your country! I want feeling you inside of me right the now!”

Hey, I’m not a homo. And I wasn’t about to argue with that beautiful young lady. If that’s what she wants then that’s what I’ll give her!

She stood up off the tree stump, ripped off her blouse and stuck her plump little breasts in my face as she straddled my waist. I began to kiss and caress her entire body. Grabbing at her tight ass, putting my hands into her moist panties…


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