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The Mad One – Part Seven

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This is the final chapter of The Mad One (for mature readers):



“Sir, Sir, wake up, this is important!”

Christian was standing above me, vigorously shaking my shoulders.

“What! What the hell are you talking about? Can’t you see I’m in the middle of a nap here!”

“Sir, I know this is your precious nap time, but look at this letter that just came in. I’ll read it to you.”

I sat up from my cot which was set up behind the lab, carefully making sure my privates were covered with the blanket. I used to go in there to nap after lunchtime, or to nod off hangovers.

“Okay then, read the damned thing. Then I’m going back to sleep!”

“Sir, please just listen. It says, dear Mr. Stevenson, we hope this day finds you well. We appreciate all your hard work and dedication to the project. After analyzing your recent test results, we are proud to inform you that your findings are exactly what we’ve been looking for. They have allowed us to make huge steps forward towards our goal. The new data we now have because of you, has changed everything within the company. To show you how much we appreciate your labors we want to double your future funding.”

“Yes, yes, yes Christian, this is incredible!”

“I know Sir, look at this! Please stay tuned for further messages which will give detailed instruction for the next phase of experimentation… Sir, we may have struck gold with our last results! Thank you again for your dedication, diligence, and patience. We hope to continue our relationship for years to come. Have an excellent day. PS, tell Christian that we appreciate his contribution as well. Sir, do you know what this means?”

“Christian, I am beside myself. This is completely unexpected. Hooooly shiiit. We need to celebrate. Wow, wow, wow, I don’t know what to say!”

I got up out of bed and hugged Christian, lifting him off the ground, squeezing him so hard that he burped in my ear. Then I spun him around and around several times. We were both shouting with joy like school children on ecstasy. Through the cheerfulness and great bliss I saw him there sitting in the corner with a smile on his ugly mug, with a big thumb raised high. I put Christian down and threw on my jacket and shoes.

“Come on, let’s go to the fucking Karaoke bar!”


the end?


When I first arrived to this new exciting land I was absolutely shocked to see so many active people running around.

I remember walking down those streets for the first time, it seemed like the whole world was out and about. Selling their goods, yelling and screaming, children jumping and playing games. If they didn’t have soccer balls, they just kicked around empty cardboard boxes, back and forth amongst themselves blissfully.

And here I was in the middle of all the commotion. I felt like I was seeing the world in technicolor for the first time. No one realized how amazing it was to me.

“Hey mister, what you want, what part of animal?”

“You speak English? Perfect! Let me see here, I have no idea. What do you recommend my good man?”

The vendor was wearing an old raggedy blood stained shirt and chopping up meat like it was going out of style. Everyone was around him. Munching on the flesh and buying the delicious cuts that he distributed like an artist. I’ve never seen anyone move their hands and mouth so fast simultaneously before. This guy was full of life. He could cook and fry and grill and serve and sell. Exchanging coins and bills for the fresh cuts. Beautiful. Back where I’m from, all we do is stop at the fast food joint or convenience store and buy pre-packaged goods. Here, everything is taken out from the jungles and sold on the streets. I saw eels, intestines from I don’t know what, exotic fruits, you name it. It was here, it was fresh, and it was delicious. I put everything into my mouth!

As I walked down the crowded road a young man approached me.

“Hey old man, I gots something for you I know you going like.”

“Oh really, what’s that?”

I was curious. This young guy I had met was following me for a few blocks. I knew he wanted to sell me something.

“You ever try this?”

He stuck out his greasy brown hand and in it was a little dark ball. It looked like some kind of resin but I had no idea what it was for.

“What the hell is this?” I asked him.

“This opium. It very good medicine. Help you relax.”

“Relax? Well, I’ll try it then. I need to relax. You know I lost my job and everything back home, do you know that?”

“No man, that not good. Well, this hilp you. Don’t worry bout things, come, follow me. What your name?”

So I went with the young dealer. We walked a few blocks together and I told him about some of my adventures back home. He seemed interested in our conversation but I’m not sure how much he comprehended.

“Mr. Stevens, I no understood everything but I like a you. Come, let’s go inside this house.”

We climbed down into the basement of an old dilapidated building. Everything was grey and worn down. There was an old busted piano in one corner and long wooden benches set up along the walls. We got into the room where he said we could smoke and relax. There were a few other youths in there hanging out, lounging around. The music they played was mellow and trancy.

“Here you go Stevenson,” they loaded a bowl and handed me a lighter.

I smoked it. It tasted sweet like incense. It was good shit. That’s all I knew. The guys stood above me as I smoked and watched my reaction.

“Thank you Ronny, this is lovely,” I said to the young man as the smoke filled my lungs and my entire being with an indescribable sensation…

The lights. The sounds. The echoes bouncing off of the concrete. The children yelling and screeching as they played with their balls. All peoples running in every direction. I witnessed it with the eyes of the greatest observer. Capturing everything they did. Every movement and sound. Every voice could be heard simultaneously, rushing towards me like waves upon the shore. I loved it! Every moment was so real, so vivid, so serene. As I walked down those hectic streets later that day the sky opened up, filled with glorious rays of beauty, with flowing abstract forms, each one had its own message to imart to my fully conscious mind…


Holy crap! Where did I put them? It was cold as hell outside, somehow I lost the keys to my room. Unfortunately, the management of the place is run by freakin monks. They close their doors before dawn and I don’t know what the hell I’m going to do. They won’t be available till tomorrow.

I noticed a container where people donate clothing and stuff. I made myself a hook with a broomstick and some metal wires that I found on the side of the road and I went fishing. It was an awkward, primitive tool but it got the job done.

I pulled out some shirts and blue jeans. The last thing I found was an old woolen Mexican poncho type item. I put that on and went to the nearest park. My face was wrapped up within some jeans that I used like a scarf. Before I entered the park, I stopped at the local liquor store and bought myself a fresh bottle…

“This will get me through the night,” I said to myself.

Nobody else was outside. It was too cold. Thankfully, I had myself all bundled up in a comfortable ball of warmth.

I sat there underneath the trees and it began to snow. The light from a nearby lamppost illuminated each and every snowflake before they fell and covered my drunken existence.

Open wide!

I sat up, collected the snowflakes in my mouth and washed them down with the drink. Delicious! This was better than being in that god-forsaken lab. Surrounded by chemicals and deadlines. I was finally free. Sure, I was currently sleeping in a park but I was warm. I had money in my pocket and tomorrow I’ll make a copy of my key so I can get back into my room. Tonight, well tonight, I’ll be just fine amidst the trees and the snow. This comfortable park bench will keep me off the frigid ground.

Thirty minutes later…

“Dammit! I wish there were a few pillows and blankets in that container!”

My fingers began to freeze, curling inwards with an awful pain and my teeth rattled together violently, almost chipping apart …


“Do you know why they are roaming the countryside, recruiting people?”

“They want take over government and anyone who challenges, they destroy.”

Holy fuck, what have I gotten myself into here!

“Yes, they torture, kills, they do what they wants. They have more power than own government now and they want rule world one days. You know? They export goods to your country too and they make lots oh money.”

“No, I wasn’t aware of this, but I don’t doubt that it’s true!”


If I could do one thing here to make a difference in this country then it will be worth it. I have nothing to lose. No family, no job, no life. The only thing I will miss is my booze and opium smoking. I don’t care about science anymore. I know I won’t make any type of impact in the scientific world. It isn’t important or relevant to anyone, so fuck it!

“Do you think we succeed?” she asked me. I could sense her doubt. It was thicker than molasses.

“Yes, we will succeed, if we don’t, then it doesn’t matter. There’s not a reason to live like this. Better to die as a warrior, than as a slave, sucking the dicks of those bastards!”

“Yeah, that true. You so brave!” A glimmer of hope sparkled in her eyes.

I still had no idea what we were going to do to defeat them. We were hiding outside the camp…

“What? No, we can’t just leave Marcela. They will come after us. If we don’t kill them, they will kill us like dogs. Sweetheart,” I said, “I know what we will do!”

I kissed her, grabbing her body, pressing ourselves together. If we didn’t survive I wanted her to know that I cared for her and loved her. This could very well be our last day alive.

“We need to be prepared. They are going to come for us soon with everything they’ve got. I still can’t believe you created all that ruckus back there. That was amazing! You have a lot of guts. You are fearless, and your fearlessness has inspired me to do something similar except the only weapons we have are these little bugs and this…”

I pulled the “pens” out of my jacket pocket.

“I didn’t want to use these, but right now we have no other choice.”


It was the most miserable site I had ever seen. Seeing it made me realize something that anyone from my country would confess. It’s that we don’t know misery as these people do.

I spent the whole morning wandering a part of the city that I hadn’t visited yet. I got off on the last but stop and started to walk. It’s not like I had anything else to do that day (or any day for that matter). Venturing through those burroughs was like stepping into a particular sphere of hell for me.

The people’s faces had a look of emptiness. An absence of hope. It looked as though the entire neighborhood for countless miles and beyond was struck with this affliction. It made me aghast and sickly.

“What you doin here?” asked a man with only one hand. “Why you come? What your purpose? You gonna save us? You have the money, no? I know you got the money, haha”, he questioned me and laughed.

I think he was senile. I was dressed in my usual crappy attire, but for some reason, he thought I had a lot of money.

“Well, yes, I have some money but I’m not rich, that’s for sure.”

“You not rich? You have you hands, you have you life. Look at us.”

I looked around for a moment. Across the street a blind woman sat upon the pavement with two kids sucking on her bosom; her ragged hand extended out; anxious and waiting for anything to drop into it. The children with their grubby faces sucked on those dried up, wrinkled tits. The only reality they knew…

This is what raw poverty looks like, and it’s another vision that’s always with me along with countless others.

“You see her there?”

“Yes, I do. She’s blind.”

“Know why?”

“What happened to her?”

“She speak against the system. She try make the changes here. She once a brave woman. They no like what a she say, so they cut out her eyes. Now she a beggar. This her life. Little babes suck on her titties and she pray for the money to survive everyday.”

“I see.”

I certainly saw, but I really didn’t want to.


If there’s anything better than eating a big chunk of fresh fruit underneath the hot sun while lounging on a chair on top of a roof, in the middle of the city, high on opium poppies and listening to the wind as it bounces against the chimes, then you should send me an e-mail and let me know what you have discovered because I have personally not found anything more profound and enjoyable than this in all my years of trekking across this fine planet, ya feel me?

Seriously, I have a plastic chair, a wobbly table, a loaded glass pipe, and not a care in the entire fucking world. This is Nirvana – Zen – Perfection. This is what happens when you die after living a good life and pass through those pearly gates. I don’t know how else to describe it. I’m at a loss for words. They’re all flowed out. Laying before me upon the floor of this roof which has been transformed into a site of ritual and visions.

They (the words) no longer want to swim. They don’t want to dance. They don’t want to do anything except sit. With me. As sedentary beings – flowing with euphoria. Breathing and Existing. Taking in heaps of oxygen as the sun’s rays impart vital life upon our exposed skin…

One breath

Two breaths




And so


And so


This is how it goes.

This is it…

If I could have started again, way back when…

I would have been here!

In this country

In this land

In this time

This place is like no other

The food is great, the women are lovely, the drugs and alcohol are abundant. What else is there besides that my friends?

Tomorrow, I’m going out to explore the countryside. Waterfalls, mountains, and ancient ruins… I can’t wait.

In the news, they say everything is fucked up and dangerous over here but so far I haven’t seen anything like that. That’s why I don’t watch the news anymore. All they want to do is scare the shit out of you and keep you at home. Why spend $$$ abroad, right?

I’m not going to be a sucker and listen to their bullshit. God has given me a brain. I have reason and I know what’s true.

Anyways, I want to reveal certain portions of my thought stream. My mind is in an elevated plane, which few have encountered, but those that have, know exactly what I’m talking about.

“You see this pipe? It is holy. It’s sacred. If you partake of this, it will show you things that have always been there but were buried deep below the surface. The smoke causes these “hidden jewels” to loosen and rise. So they are visible and accessible.”

Secret and Dormant

Knowledge and Wisdom



Hanging out with Ronny has been an enlightening experience to say the least. He has a top-notch connection to get the best stuff in the country…


Their steps became louder as they got closer, yet we could not see them. We held each other, huddled up amidst the bush, waiting for the confrontation to commence. At this point, only God knew what was going to happen next and he’s the strong and silent type who doesn’t like to reveal details of the future’s events. If he does reveal anything he usually only shows a mere glimpse or an image of an idea and that’s it. That’s all you have to work with, to understand what direction to go to.

Well, luckily for me, I mean for Marcela and myself.

That’s enough!


I was surprised to find the country in general-overall peace and order.

From watching the news channels you would think the whole place would be in shambles. There was plenty of poverty but it wasn’t as insane as I thought it would be. After a little while, I taught myself how to deal with the beggars and aggressive salesmen that always roamed public spaces…

As I walked down the street to greet some new friends I saw the bus station. It was quite busy. People were very active, moving all about the place, hauling luggage and raw goods, with vendors hawking their wares. If I wanted, I probably could have gotten a job in there, helping people with their bags or conducting a bus or something like that, but I was more interested in going to the remotest parts of the country. I had done no research whatsoever beforehand and I didn’t really care. I just wanted to see some new exotic sites.

So the next day, I went back to the station and bought a ticket that took me as far away as possible. Some rides were thirty minutes away and others were more than thirty hours away.

You can guess which one I chose…

My ass became flatter than a flapjack but it didn’t matter to me. We passed through the entire country. Through the mountains, rivers, valleys, small towns, and villages. Through mile-long tunnels and over crumbling bridges which barely stood. The bus broke down several times and all the passengers had to get off and help to push the damn thing out of the mud, but it was worth it. This allowed me more time to enjoy the countryside and interact with new people. Like this one nice old lady dressed in a long flowing gown…


“Here take this!”

I handed her the pen and ran towards the sound of the steps. I still couldn’t see them cause it was rather dark out but I sensed a few soldiers just beyond the trees. I dashed ahead and hid behind a trunk. An asshole slave walked past. He didn’t see me. I whipped out my pen, designated the laser beam and took his head clear off. Catching it and his dead body before they hit the ground, to avoid making any sudden sounds. He had on a bulletproof vest and a helmet which I removed and put on my person. Better to be safe than sorry is my motto!

I tucked his pistol in my pants, covered his cumbersome carcass with some dead plant matter and waited for my next victim.

This next soldier was armed with a heavy-duty machine gun. When he passed, I did the same thing. Sneaking up behind him, removing his head with my laser weapon, stealing what I needed and throwing his worthless body to the heap.

After I did this more than a dozen times, I amassed a small arsenal.

“Look at this Marcela!”

I dropped a huge pile of weapons and gear before her! Hunting knives, pistols, rifles, helmets, vests, steel-toed boots, food, canteens, et cetera.

“Holy shet, you amazing! How you do this?”

“With this.”

I pulled out my pen and gave her a demonstration, “You see that tree over there?”

It was a massive thing with at least a fifteen-foot diameter.

“Yes, I see.”

“Watch this.”

I turned on the beam and swung my arm towards the trunk of the tree. In seconds, I cut through its entirety. We watched it tumble to the jungle floor with a loud awful thud.


“What! Why you do that? How the!” she was in shock.

“Remember, I told you that I’m a scientist. Well, this is one of my inventions. I only use it in emergencies though.”

“Oh wow, perfect, I love you!”

“Look at that. They are coming!”

In the distance, we could see the men gaining momentum. They must have heard the shriek of the crashing tree when it plummeted to the ground.

“Don’t worry about them. Put on this gear!”

Our bodies were covered from head to toe with protective armor and mud. We hid behind two gigantic trees. She was on the left of the trail and I was on the right, or I could have been on the left and her on the right. I guess it depends on what direction your facing and what area of the jungle you’re in. Anyways, the men approached us and we gave them hell!

Firing off our newly possessed weapons worked perfectly against the small army that was sent. One man, after another, after another dropped. Falling to the ground like flies, while we safely hid behind the trunks. We created a massive heap of grisly flesh and shattered bones which we had to then climb over to have a better view and continue to slaughter.

“If you see any of them move then shoot them or use the laser to pierce a hole through their useless skulls. That’s all you have to do. We don’t want one of these douchebags to rise up and shoot us while we’re not looking.”

“You right. We must be the very careful.”

We massacred a hundred of them. It was too easy, even their pathetic machines were no match for my super laser which I harnessed to cut and slice through everything. Laying waste to both man and machine in a gruesome pile of discarded chunks & scraps.

“Marcela look, that one’s moving and he’s got something in his hand!” I shouted. An injured soldier was by her ankle, about to lift his pistol!

“You son of the bitches!” she yelped, revealing her blade.

She pounced down upon him, stabbed the bastards hand through, removed his gun, and cut open his veins above the wrist. His blood flowed out, onto the sticks and twigs of the forest floor.

“Good work Marcela.”

“Thanks,” she said, rising up, her chin held high and her eyes as piercing as the night sky, with a newly acquired pistol in her hand, ready to shoot at any sudden movement…

And then I saw him jogging towards us.

“Come back to me Marcela!” yelled the Sargent.

What the fuck, he speaks English? What a surprise! Can you say mindfuck?

“You fockin ediot, look what you did. You kill my men!”

“No, I don’t want anymore. I have new lover with Stevenson. He better man than you!” yelled Marcela to the heavy breathing dick.

“You Dumb Bitch!” he shouted in angry frustration while removing something from his sack.

He clipped the safety pins off of several grenades, raised them in the air and just as he was about to toss them towards us Marcela whipped out the laser pen and removed his arms from his torso like a fucking Samurai Princess. They dropped to the ground with the grenades. He began to run with blood gushing from his sides. He ran a few steps with his armless body and Kaboooom! All the grenades went off in a massive explosion. We covered our eyes and ears and smiled inside knowing that our enemy finally returned to the dust…


My first awesome memory:

One time when I was about six years old I had a magical moment. One that will always be precious and dear to my heart because that was the moment I realized that anything is possible in this life.

This is what happened:

I was sitting at the beach. My parents were somewhere, I’m not sure where. I had the sand bunched up by my feet. The water came in and washed the sand away. I piled it up again and the waves came back, taking the sand away once more. I sat there as the waves came in and out, and as I watched them splashing before me I noticed a blackfin beyond, in the watery depths.

I grabbed my little surfboard and goggles and began to swim to see what kind of creature it was. I was a pretty good swimmer, so of course, I was fearless, probably like most kids my age. I swam over the rushing waves, to deeper parts of the sea.

I looked back at the beach and could barely see the people, they were so far away. And here I was sitting on the board with my feet dangling in the water looking out for the animal that I knew was swimming nearby.

“Robert!” I heard someone shouting my name. The people were screaming and acting crazy ashore. But so what? I was on an adventure!


A spray of water fell across my sunny face and I saw him! A massive black and white whale was staring right at me. His head, positioned above the water. I reached out to touch him. His nose was round and smooth and his black eyes were mesmerizing. In that moment, I became the happiest boy in the world.

He went under my board. His entire body passed me by. I saw him so clearly. I can still see him. He swam fast for a few hundred yards. Then he turned and swam in my direction at full speed, passing under me, and with a mighty wooosh of his tail, he was airborne! Gliding out of the water in a glorious way, displaying his awe-inspiring size and power to me and everyone watching from ashore. Splashing down just meters away from my board!

I couldn’t even comprehend what I had witnessed,

absolute beauty and inspiration


After his mesmerizing show, he swam off. I watched as his fin became smaller and smaller… my mind went with it…

Since then my dreams and my consciousness have been enhanced. I still seek encounters of the extraordinary kind. Is there any other way to live friends?


Marcela’s notes:

“Why you no use this weapon, this laser pen, in beginning? Why you let them beat you, abuse you, when you can destroy them all so easy?” I ask Stevenson and he respond:

“Because I was curious. I wanted to see how far they would take their abuse. I’m no stranger to pain and suffering. Sure, I could have escaped from the beginning when they abducted me, but then I’d never know the depths of their wickedness, the decay of their hearts and minds, and I never would have met you, my love. I believe I came to this land for a reason. Nothing in this life ever happens by accident. Understand?”

He kissed my cheek. Held my hand so tight. I never felt warmth like this before.

After long trek through wilderness, we see the lights of civilization…


Stevenson thought most romantic way to travel to his land is by boat. He expert sailor. We find good boat at coast and sail away towards our new life.


Marcela finds a bottle

We had been sailing for some time, on our way to states. I see the mystery bottle floating in the water, we picked it up. Inside find a note, it read:

“To who find this bottle, please help us! We are stuck on small island. Joe (my husband) is going crazy. We have three children. We need to get out of here. We need to go back to civilization, but…”


And the adventures will continue for Mr. Stevenson and Hobo Joe


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