The Mad One – Part Four

The Mad One – Part Four

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(For Mature Readers)


“Damn, how tall are you?” I asked him.

“6,8. That tall enough for ya?” he asked mockingly. “I used to play ball back in school.”

“I believe you. But I know someone even taller than you. He’s not of this world though,” I rebutted. Implying that he ain’t as badass as he thinks he may be.

“Sir, what the hell are you talking about?”

“Never mind,” I said, “May you and your lovely wife have a glorious evening.”

I walked out of the store with my bottles in hand. The only beings that could tolerate my pathetic commentary.

Here I was. Alone. Completely Alone. Christian was gone. Probably living well with his family. I’m sure they don’t mind spending all that extra cash that just appeared in their lives. Because of me…

I no longer had access to the laboratory. Fuck. Now I miss that place. Sure, our results sucked, but that’s only because the recent shipment of chemicals have been low-quality shit. How can you achieve optimal results with horse piss? It’s almost impossible! But they insisted. Always insisting that we get the results they were looking for with that meager budget that would have made a homeless bum laugh and scoff. Yet, that’s what I had to work with. We had to work with. Christian and I.


The big bastard stood behind Christian that day. Looking down at me, to the little drunken fool that I was.

“What the fuck are you doing?” He asked in his unmistakable voice, resonating like the sound of the last key on the organ.

“I’m experimenting, can’t you see!” I replied. Pissed off, because he always distracted me from my work.

“Christian, can you pass me the samples there, let’s bring the heat up to six hundred degrees this time.”

“You piece of shit! That’s not going to work. You’re wasting your time and the government’s resources. What the fuck is wrong with you!”

“It will work. You’ll see. This time, we will manifest gold! Like the master alchemists of old! Make no mistake about it you overgrown dick!”

He was taller than our ceilings. He had to hunch down quite a bit to fit into the space. But he was never tired and never ceased to be the thorn in my side.

“Haha, you’re full of shit. You’re out of your league. You have no idea what the fuck you’re doing. You make me laugh you pathetic fool.”

His face was uglier than the son of sin if sin had fucked and impregnated a rotten corpse from WW2. His limbs were longer and stronger than the world’s mightiest beasts. His breath, ranker than the smell of death laced with raw sewage. His skin, more grotesque and rougher than the skin of a zombified crocodilian. Yet. There he was. Every day. Every fucking day. On My Ass. Challenging me. Taunting me. Pushing me to the very edge. Attempting to make me go mad. Mad. Mad. Mad – I – Tell – You. That oversized bastard!

“You know what! Go fuck yourself! Next time you come around I’m going to shove this beaker up your decrepit ass, fill it with chemical explosives and blow you the fuck up!”

“HAH! You try, and I’ll rip your fucking throat apart, right in front of your precious ass-istant Christian!”

Christian was preoccupied with the preparations for our next undertaking. Always so loyal and dedicated, despite my many flaws and distractions. He didn’t see the bastard lift me up off the ground by my torso.

Pushing me to the back of the laboratory. Dragging me across the floor and bashing me against the walls. Smashing my genius head against the rafters and other random objects. Getting to a place where he could stand up straight within the exit of the facility; the shaft that contained the ladder leading to main street.

“This is your last fucking chance. Invent excuses – if you want – but this is it!”

He pressed me hard against the ladder, nearly breaking my spinal column as he pushed harder and harder.

“Tell me something I don’t know, you prick! Why the hell do you do this every time? Every time we come to a crucial moment you always show up. Distracting us from our work. You suck, you know that. I hope you burn and burn for all eternity while Satan rams corkscrews into your demented brain!”

“You wish. But your wishes are not going to get you very far. I’m telling you, this is your last chance!”

“I know. Now put me the fuck down!”

He dropped my helpless ass, and my head smashed against multiple posts as I plummeted to the floor.

Bastard always has to act so tough…

Right before my skull slammed against the floor and I lost consciousness – – – I saw the cowards feet run into the shadows

. .

“Sir, are you alright?” asked Christian. His young elegant face and comforting voice reminded me of an angel; a beacon of hope and life, amidst immense confusion and pain and doubt.

“Yes, of course. I’m fine,” I said picking myself up off the cold cement. I began to walk towards the ovens.

“Are we going to finish this experiment or what?”

“Yes Sir, we are. I hope to, but why were you laying on the ground?” He touched my scalp. “Holy … ! Your forehead is bleeding Sir!”

“Christian! Enough! Focus! Get with the program man.” I ordered him, and wiped the blood off of my face.


We shuffled over to the laboratory. Two men on a mission. Everything was about to go down. Everything was laid out before us and I felt as a foreigner in a foreign land. I couldn’t recognize any of my instruments. The labels on the containers were in fucking Greek!

“What the hell,”

“Christian, did you rearrange these samples?”

“No Sir, that’s how you asked me to lay everything out.”

“Yes, but something isn’t quite right. There must be a fairy buzzing about within our midst… Anyways, heh, heheg,” I coughed, “it doesn’t matter. Fuck it. Let’s do this. We are going to change the course of science today. Buckle up Christian my boy, and hold on to your nuts!”

We commenced to go through the procedures. Heating up the chemicals, testing purity levels, precisely arranging all of the elements until we achieved the closest level of alignment and stability as possible without creating any explosions which was like walking on a thin line over the great black abyss. But it didn’t matter. Christian and I were up to the task. We were probably more qualified than any of the best labs, with hundreds of thousands of dollars more of a budget. Why? Because I question everything. I take every study down to the essence of its reasoning and existence. Systematically – pulling it apart, unraveling it completely, piece – by – piece. Like a conductor analyzing every note within the symphony. That’s the main difference between myself and the rest of ‘em. For me, science is an art form. And for them, it’s business, with a primary focus on boosting economic gain; at any and all costs. Always with the same prevailing industry standard of conventional tactics and precautions. Everyone is afraid to challenge the status quo. I am so sick of the scientists who are afraid to concur with the solid evidence that exists in plain sight and reveal to the masses the truth of our spectacular beginnings… We are not mere big-headed monkeys, scratching our asses and pissing in the rain – if you don’t challenge the quo, then you are blind and living in the center of a cave with metal bars drilled into every opening. Preventing any chance of escape. Hope you like living in there you scumbags. You don’t deserve an exit. Every other scientist out there is lower than the scum of the world’s filthiest pond

I am the best there is…………


I know, I digress, and now you’re not going to believe what happened to us next


after this particular experiment, everything in my life went to total shit. We fucked up that operation in every way imaginable. But it wasn’t entirely my fault. The chemicals, the fucking chemicals that they sent us were the cheapest on the market. Actually, I think they were trying to kill both us with those pathetic piles of powdered dog shit.

Because of those pricks, I lost my lab – my funding. I haven’t spoken to Christian for weeks… I wonder what that bastard is doing today? He’s probably at home, lounging around with his beautiful pregnant wife – ready to start a new life. And I’m sitting here on a curb in a shitty part of town. Dreaming of my next scientific enterprise while taking chugs of this sweet nectar which sits in my system as a soothing, calming, nurturing, mother-like agent…


I was bored and wrote this on the back of a napkin while waiting for the slow-ass waitress to bring me my meal at the cheap-ass diner that I was frequenting, check it:

If there’s anything special about us besides our sometimes overpowering intellectual ability, our insane organizational skills, or our creative minds which are able to analyze and come to conclusions of the minutest details within milliseconds, and at times, with very little resources, or support from our benefactors, it’s that we are also humans, with needs, desires, and believe it or not, imperfections

Most don’t see us in this particular light

We (  ) feel and long and yearn. We sing, and bob our heads to the sounds of the radio. Whether the tune be classical, old-school-rock, electronic or hip-hop, it don’t matter

We crave fun, adventure, and excitement like you do

We want to love and be loved, just like you

Unfortunately, not many understand this

Not many bother to take the time to thank and shake the hand of the ones who practically create all manner of comfort and life-prolonging goodness – in this world

Without us, we’d be as primitive and barbaric as the cavemen

Huddled together around an open fire, while the flames dance, bouncing shadows and figures upon the caverns cold moist walls

Praying to the gods to allow us to exist for another day

Battling famine, disease, and every type of obstacle that nature might throw our way at any given moment

Whether that be a flood, a hurricane, an earthquake, a wildfire, a fucking meteorite falling from the sky, annihilating everything, pushing us deeper into our caves. Into the darkest, tightest recesses

Where, we would then have to share prime real-estate with bats, bugs, spiders, and other potentially dangerous creatures, all seeking refuge from harm

Pressing our faces upon the wet rocks as unseen animals and parasites crawl about. Holding our screaming children and loved ones in our arms. Pressing on { day – by – day }

Counting our goods, our provisions, our supplies, our weapons, everything is accounted for, every object you own, every particle, every piece of fur, every ounce of meat, every shard and sliver of bone that could be fashioned into a tool. When you live day to day and have mouths to feed survival is the only thing you know


you better hope a ravenous pack of wolves don’t venture in and start a ruckus

Ripping apart your life – Everything you know and hold dear

At any rate, the next time you drink a glass of pure water that doesn’t give you the shits or ride a safe functioning vehicle to visit your boyfriend or girlfriend, think about all the research, and scientific miracles that support your daily routine

In between your passionate make-out sessions remember the sacrifices that have been made for your behalf


Just as I was about to lift the bottle to my weary old face for the nineteenth time that day a man wearing a construction uniform walked towards me. He must have been twenty-five years old (more or less). A young fit dude. What the hell does he want and why’s he walking this way? His stride was smooth and sure. I bet he could walk upon the highest planks, fearlessly leaping from one to another at the building sites.

He was a few steps away from me…

“Hey old man, do I know you? You look familiar.”


They think I’m helpless? Like they got me in a corner or something. Fuck that! I’m going to show them a thing or two about who the hell they’ve trapped! I’m not your typical run of the mill prisoner. Oh no, I’m not going to just curl into a ball like a hedgehog on morphine and let them pounce upon me and rip me apart.


let’s just see what happens, when they pounce. They’re going to understand pain and suffering on another level. Besides that, I’ve been waiting to unleash hell again. I haven’t committed any serious acts of violence in quite some time. These mother fuckers are the perfect douche bags to teach a lesson to


“Yeah, I think I do know you from somewhere.”

“No, you don’t. You’re confused,” I replied to the young annoying construction worker.

“Mister, I swear to god I remember. I was there the day you went ape-shit at the university.”

“What the hell are you talking about?!” I shouted.

“Yes, I knew it was you,” he proclaimed, staring into my eyes. “I was only ten years old and you were going crazy. I never forgot that day! It was unreal. I went into school to visit one of my older brothers. It was my first day ever to step foot there and as soon as I got in and walked a ways down the hallway I heard you yelling and screaming like a psycho. It was awesome! I watched as glass containers shattered against the walls and I heard you screaming at the top of your lungs. It scared the shit out of me. Holy fuck. My mom picked me up and said, come on we got to go, and I begged her to stay so we could see what happened next. We walked closer to the room as different materials flew out. I could smell noxious chemicals in the air, and I saw the smoke rising out from that room. The other students were screaming and begging you to stop. I felt like I was in a movie. And all I saw next was two huge football player dudes tackle you to the ground while you chucked shit in their faces, but they got a good hold on you and dragged you out of the room. You were spitting and screaming and clawing at those poor bastards, foaming at the mouth like a rabid wolf, and right before you were about to get tossed out of that place you looked at me for a moment, and in that moment, I understood madness or whatever the fuck you want to call it. That was fucking dope dude. I’m glad you’re still alive!”

“Hey kid, you know what, that is a really, really nice story, but that wasn’t me, and I don’t know what the fuck you’re talking about, at any rate, I’m in a good mood today, so if you want, I’ll share a drink with ya, and you can tell me more of your tall tales.”

“Thanks, but I gotta get back to work. I was just about to buy some smokes, and I saw you there, and well, I never forget a face. But I guess it ain’t you after all, ‘cause, I don’t know for sure. Anyways, have a nice day mister.”

He walked past me – to the convenience store.

The funny thing about it is, I remember that kid. He was hanging on to his mother’s red dress and when the guards dragged me out of the university I saw him standing there, eyes-wide-open. I bet he never saw an episode like that before. He actually had a good memory of the event, but I didn’t want to admit to what I had done. After all, I’m an old washed up drunk now, so…


The vastness, beauty, and serenity of the terrain here is in such contrast to my current predicament. Looking out beyond the valley, to the emerald green canyon below is soothing and comforting. It’s nice to see a land that’s still virgin and untouched by man’s destructive hand.

“Gaww – Gaww”

A bird flew past, calling out from above. Taunting us with his ability to travel by the wind – which is beyond what I’m capable of doing.

“These shoes were made for walking, and that’s just what they will do – one of these days these shoes are gonna walk on straight outta hell…”

Unfortunately, those bastards are still close by . . .

“Are you going to let them walk all over you like a chunk of dog shit?” he asked me.

This time I don’t think he wanted to kick my ass. He sat beside me on the ground. We both sat there. Me a normal sized dude, and him, A Freaking Giant

“I haven’t figured out a plan yet. That’s why I’ve been hovering around in the jungle. I know they’re going to come after me. It’s only a matter of time. They got those dogs and guns and fuck, I need to defeat them somehow!”

My mind went through every possible scenario again and again and again…

“You know what you have to do, right? You have to become like me, like a master-assassin. There’s no way around it. You can set up traps around the place like Rambo or use that special pen of yours…”

“Yeah, your right. It’s all going to go down soon and the ultimate test to see who wins the fight shall begin.”


The Mad One – Part Five


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