The Greatest Party! – Part Four

The Greatest Party! – Part Four

The Greatest Party! – Part One

The Greatest Party! – Part Two

The Greatest Party! – Part Three

The Greatest Party! – Part Five


(For Mature Readers)


Backyard Fun

After the intense poetry jam, I went out back to see what was going on. Ping-pong tables were set up behind my house. Several teams were competing in organized tournaments with prizes awarded to the best players.

This wasn’t your typical ping-pong match; this was Beer-Pong. Where competitors had to maneuver their balls across the table and directly launch them into big plastic cups that were full of beer. A highly skilled and difficult game, and one that I didn’t dare play because my pathetic pong skills were no match for the fierce rivalry found along those wet tables. Plus, I was already quite tipsy and was trying to pace my drinking.

So, I stood back and watched the masters win and the losers get obliterated as they made dumb errors. We had more than a dozen kegs set up with the best German and Belgian brews: Artisanal Ales, Lagers, Porters, and Stouts. This was not a match made for puny weaklings. This was for men and women of the highest caliber and the bravest drinkers of the world.

Behind the ping pong tables on the lawn, many tents were set up. I guess the backpackers were calling this their temporary home. Despite their grungy-hippy appearance, they looked like a happy bunch. I went and introduced myself to them. Their tents were huge. When I got a better look at them, I noticed most of the youths inside were totally naked.

“Hey, what’s up with you my man?” I asked a heavily bearded fellow with a bunch of necklaces in his hand and a huge unshaven schlong hanging about.

“Ummm, not much dude, what’s up with you?”

“Why are you all running around naked in my backyard?”

“Oh shit, are you Joseph? We’ve heard so much about you man,” he asked, surprised and almost honored to meet me.

“Yes, I am Joe, and I don’t care if you guys are naked or anything, I’m just curious to know why.”

“Yeah cool, that’s simple,” he said, brushing back his long messy hair, fondling his necklaces, examining each and every bead in mid-conversation, as if they were precious jewels from another galaxy. He must have been really stoned, cause it took him several minutes to look up again at me.

I got impatient, “So why dude? You were saying?”

“Oh yes my man, don’t you love these necklaces? Just look at the detail and different textures of each material. Each object represents a different piece of life. Clay from the earth. Stones from river beds. Wood from the trees. Seashells from the sea. Plastic resin from the plastic farms… what perfection man. Did you meet my girlfriend yet Joseph?”

Wow, and I thought I was a space case. This guy was more gone than an astronaut in full planetary orbit!

“Umm no, I didn’t.”

“Hey Autumn Flower,” he yelled, and out from the crowded tents walked up this amazing babe. A real natural beauty, with a big hairy bush between her legs, long flowing red hair, and perfectly formed breasts that hung in front of her, begging someone to grab onto them.

“Hi, I’m Autumn Flower,” she said, standing a foot away from me. Her nipples were just two cute little pink beads pointing right at me.

“Hey, I’m Joe,” I said, trying to look up, instead of down, which wasn’t a very easy thing to do, as I’m sure you can imagine. “It’s really nice to meet you guys. I was trying to ask your boyfriend why you all love to run around naked?”

“That’s simple. We do it all the time. Wherever we are allowed to anyways. We would walk the city streets in the nude if we could. It’s such an amazing experience,” she explained, with a glowing radiant smile.

“Autumn! Did you see this one?” interrupted her stoned hippy boyfriend.

“Which one honey?”

“This bead. Look at it. When you face it towards the light reflecting off of the ping-pong tables you can see the inner pockets of the amber, the crystals, and the hidden secrets that have been waiting to be discovered by you and me at this very moment.”

“WOW, that’s rad, but not as rad as you are,” she said.

Now, they were really, really close to each other, practically on top of each other. They started making out. The hippy’s schlong got longer and longer and I completely gave up trying to find out why they are naked all the freakin time!

“Alright guys, thanks anyways. I’m going back inside now,” I said to four deaf hippy ears. These dudes were almost as spaced out as Adam. It was nuts. I didn’t even think that was possible!


Taking a Break

Anyone at the party was allowed to take a break and rest up in the mattress room whenever they felt inclined to do so. I went in several times myself to recuperate, catch some zzz´s, and attempt to wake up again at some point so I could jump back into the endless spiral of mayhem.

This was also a good place to hook up or to watch other drunken teenagers make-out and grope each other.

The only problem was whenever a kid would start throwing up in the plastic buckets, this was always disturbing. But we knew that it was better for them to throw up than to absorb all that booze into their systems. Certain designated ¨nurses¨ helped wash out the buckets and look after the drunkards. Making sure they didn’t pass out and drown in their own vomit. Keeping track of hydration and other vital signs necessary to sustain human life.


We Are Organized Party Animals



Despite all the apparent chaos we still had a certain amount of organization:


The luscious servers made sure there was always ample amounts of booze available and the ice luges were replaced with fresh ones as soon as they melted and became worthless puddles.

0 0 0 0 0 0 0

“Thank you very much miss,” said a young nerdy blond boy. He kneeled before the ice block and the cold burning liquid gushed all over his face in a big messy stream. He swallowed as much as he could, picked himself up, walked three steps, and quickly fell into the wall behind the server.


Eddy and the band provided the perfect tunes to accompany our festivities. They changed songs and genres depending on the time of day and the overall mood of the crowd.

0 0 0 0 0 0 0

We all huddled up against each other in front of the band. A big ball of grimy teenage gunk. The musicians played their harps and xylophones and we listened in an almost bewildered and numbed state of consciousness. Passing around joints while some of us attempted to play the didgeridoo. We didn’t know what time or day it was. We lost ourselves within the sound…





Fling – Fling – Fling – Fling – Fling




(The resonating sound of the didgeridoo)

Every tune we heard sweetly massaged our eardrums and brought us into deep musical hypnosis.


When Jimbo was conscious and able to maintain a steady hand, he recorded most of the week’s activities with his video camera. He also took still shots when a special moment was especially awesome and needed to be captured in time. Kissing, smoking, dancing, the poetry jams, et cetera, were all filmed in high-def.

0 0 0 0 0 0 0

“That’s perfect, lean back a little, there ya go,” Jimbo said to one of the ballerinas. She was doing a dance performance and Jim wanted to film her.

She tiptoed across the floor with the elegance and delicate beauty of a hummingbird. His eyes and camera followed her every move, then all of a sudden she tripped on a slippery used condom or an empty beer bottle. She almost crashed onto the floor, but instead, she fell into Jimbo’s big arms.

Beauty – Saved by the Beast. At that moment, Jim’s eyes sparkled with a twinkle-twinkle of love and affection.


I patrolled the house continuously with the ¨nurses¨ looking for passed out individuals. If a certain kid was too far gone, we carried him to the mattress room on a canvas stretcher. Giving him water and other natural remedies to help soothe the awful effects of the ingested poisons.

0 0 0 0 0 0 0

I was doing my patrols up on the second floor of the house and I saw a group of kids laying on the ground. They were drinking and smoking and mumbling incoherently. One of them grabbed my ankle as I walked by, “Joooooooe, Joooooooee, don’t gooooooh,” he moaned.

“What the hell is wrong with you?” I asked the poor dazed and confused bastard.

“Joooooooe, hoook meh me up withuh sun booze man.”

This kid was so far gone that he didn’t even realize there was free booze all around the house.

“Sure man. I’ll be right back.”

I never went back.


Adam was on a holy mission to impart words of mystical wisdom and insights to anyone willing to listen.

0 0 0 0 0 0 0

“Yo yo yo, what do you say? How you feelin today? Yyyeeeh, yyeeeh, yyyeehh and Heyyy, bada boop bop baddado dilly dillu dum dit tti to yup yup yip, budu uo clip clipy clip Jooe!”

I have no idea how to translate what he said. Sometimes Adam would speak in this way when the spirits moved him. Later on, I heard him speaking to another kid. He made a little more sense:

“The thing about it is that everything that happens here today in this house will be remembered forever. Everything you do and say will be eternally recorded and printed into the great book of time. You may forget it all, but it doesn’t matter. The experience will still be with you. It will be ingrained into your subconscious mind. You’ll be able to use this knowledge as a tool. It will guide you in the future…”


David was our house technician. Always aware and ready to repair any electrical, plumbing, or musical issues. On top of that, he paid the help and kept them content with food and free beer.

0 0 0 0 0 0 0

David was milling around between the band and the servers. Generally speaking, he was very well organized and under control. But once, I did see him go into the back of my house with one of the servers. They were holding hands and he was grabbing her ass. I didn’t say anything to him about it though. Everything was going smoothly up until then, so I didn’t care if he had some fun too. Shit, I think all the men in that house wanted to sleep with those gorgeous models.


Black Jack was on the social awareness campaign, making sure “No Child Got Left Behind” so to speak. He charged through the home in a mad sprint observing every kid. If anyone looked bored or sober he would immediately act like a lunatic and drag them to the nearest source of drugs or alcohol. In this way, everyone was involved and in the same overall party mindset.

0 0 0 0 0 0 0

“Don’t look at me man! Chug, chug, chug, that beer! It ain’t gonna drink itself, come on now don’t be a fool! This could be your last chance to party! Let’s do this right, let’s have fun tonight! Come on, come on, come on dude.”

He was shouting at a poor little scrawny boy, trying to encourage him to drink, and instead of drinking the brew, the kid got up off the couch and ran as fast as he could. He opened the front door and dashed outside. We all looked out the window and saw him sprint down the street in a mad frenzy. We never saw that kid ever again…

“Good! If you don’t want to party then get the hell out!” Jack screamed.

A few other kids ran away too, like frightened little kittens.

You really had to be made out of nails to be in that crowd.


Jessica and the Henchman (distributors) also patrolled the home, usually right behind Jack, making sure everybody was stoned and had the sufficient amount and combination of chemicals in their systems. They not only provided pills but a wide selection of psychoactive plants and powders, vitamins, energy drinks, and even soothing herbal teas, which they carried in thermoses.

0 0 0 0 0 0 0

“Hey man, ju wan sum tea, iss good for you. Help you sooth your self,  your problems, don’t worry about a thing man.”

The latin henchman was being real sweet and helping a young kid out of a bad trip. The youth grabbed the tea from his hand, had a sip, and said:

“This is the best tea I have ever drank in my life. Thank you so very much man! Wow, it’s soothing, you were right!”

He hugged the henchman for more than an hour. He must have been super zippy trippy. That’s what happens, what are you gonna do, right,



Despite all the planning and organization, after several days and incredible amounts of drugs and alcohol, everything began to crumble all around my home. People became more and more reckless and lunacy began to take hold of once pure teenage minds. Danger popped up at every corner like little brightly-colored mushroom heads sprouting in an open field after heavy rainfall.

The architectural integrity of the structure. The foundations and stability of this Thing was no longer standing on solid ground. It had become soft. Sharp waves began to rush in. Affecting us all. Taking us up and down, along uncontrollable currents. To unexplored places beyond that which is known. To foreign lands where only the bravest and maddest dared enter.

We were souls on a desperate mission to understand all that has ever happened in the history of existence – while simultaneously attempting to fornicate with every living being around us. Psychically traveling to all corners of this magical realm but physically laying and playing in sweaty piles of lustful filth:

Extraordinary hallucinations of visual splendor, long-drawn-out sessions of depraved debauchery, wet and wild orgies of pure orgasmic pleasure, loud random shouts of ecstasy and bliss. The Call of the Wild. Fearless and Lustful wolves howling to the moon on an infinitely dark moonless night:




>Nothing< was sacred or pure anymore. We went too far. Living in a state of perpetual pleasure. Of mad psychosis. Going against nature and common sense. Pushing everything to the max. Where all thoughts of the past or future diminished. All that existed was the present moment. You might say that we had arrived. It took copious amounts of booze to get there. Sacred shots which poured freely off of dripping blocks of ice. As we drank the liquor and looked up at the near-naked servers. I swear some of us thought we were looking at the holiest angels of heaven. Basically, we didn’t know if we were in Heaven or on Earth. And it didn’t fucking matter either way.

That’s the beauty of the experience. When you have that many people crowded together. That many chemicals/hormones/pheromones/bodily fluids in one house for that amount of time, the results are inevitable. It was a huge scientific experiment gone right (or wrong depending on how you look at things).

We achieved what we came to achieve. We reached our goal. Sure, it was dangerous, and we could have lost precious teenage lives. But no one can deny the collective euphoria felt by all that hovered through that house at that time, and that can still be sensed by those sensitive to such things.


As that famous overly-smart scientist demonstrated many years ago: what goes up must also come down. This law of physics doesn’t only apply to apples, it also applies to partying and getting stoned, unfortunately – We were so high that we couldn’t get much higher. We went as far as we could go…


Continue reading to find out what happened during our collective descent and ultimate decline:


The Greatest Party! – Part Five


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