The Clay Village
Welcome To Raquira!

The Clay Village

In the heart of Colombia exists a village full of many dynamic and productive artists. Their style is a fusion of Indigenous, Spanish and Modern styles. They work in every color and material available, in fact the entire village has been elaborately hand painted.

They are a very creative group, working with clay, paint, wood, metal, stone, natural fibers, used tires, pretty much anything they can get their hands on.

I recently visited this amazing village, which is called Raquira, in the department of Boyaca. I like to go there whenever I have some time off from work. It’s beautiful, with perfect year-round weather, friendly locals, and plenty to see and do.

Raquira is in a desert-like terrain, but there are also nearby forests, rivers, and waterfalls to visit. Villa de Leyva is close by, which is the most touristic town in the country.

It’s about a 4-hour ride from Bogota, the capital of the country.

When visiting you can buy crafts, learn how they are made and even take a course from one of the local artisans. They will be happy to teach you their exceptional skills and techniques!


Why I Love Clay?

Clay is such a wonderful medium for artists to use. It can be shaped into any form, it doesn’t require heavy and dangerous industrial machinery to produce, and it is an ancient craft. If your clay items are taken care of and don’t shatter on the ground by an accidental fall, they will last indefinitely. Clay works are always the first objects to be uncovered during archeological discoveries.

Clay can be as smooth as glass or as rough as tree bark. It’s one of the most versatile materials we have to create with. Painted clay could be considered a sculptural painting, making it truly dynamic. It can also be made in any color combination imaginable, with rich lovely tones.

I will always appreciate and admire this humble material that comes directly from the Earth beneath us.


Below, I created a photo gallery, which gives you an idea of the beautiful arts and crafts available to see in Raquira, Boyaca. I also posted a few local contacts, who you can call when arriving if you’re looking for accommodation, or want to learn more about how to work with clay.


Enjoy the Pics!


Local Contacts:


Todo Raquira

This is one of the biggest clay stores in the country. They sell many types of crafts and offer classes as well. – Cel: 312 588-3834


Pastor Hotel Raquira

Pastor offers a wide selection of clay crafts and a hotel, located at the entrance of town.

Cel: 310 283-5416


Santana Ceramica

Pablo Santana offers finely made ceramics, classes to learn the craft, and local tours.

Cel: 321 454-3191


Artesanias Hunzuoqua

Hunzuoqua offers a wide selection of crafts in their store and hotel accommodation as well.

Cel: 310 243-8712 – 313 283-1479


Posada El Artesano de Raquira

Martha and Moises have a beautiful rustic craft store and small hotel, a few kilometers from town.

Cel: 320 207-2844 – 311 864-9237



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