Ten Simple Tips to Achieve Tremendous Success as an Artist

Ten Simple Tips to Achieve Tremendous Success as an Artist

Do you find yourself struggling on your journey to achieve artistic greatness? Is your rate of progress as slow as a herd of tortoises making a continental crossing?

Do you wish there was an easier way to achieve your goals?

Being an artist is both deeply rewarding and greatly challenging, therefore it’s one of the best things we can do with our time.

In this day and age, we have full creative freedom. We don’t have to follow a specific cultural or religious style, like artists from the past. We can create anything which our imagination allows. This is by far the best period in history to be an artist. Now with the internet, anyone can learn to write and publish a book, make a movie, or paint whatever they like, posting it online for the world to see instantly.

So here we give you ten very helpful and easy to implement tips to lead you to success in your journey becoming one of the greats!


     1. Eat Healthy and Nutritious Food, Plus Exercise Daily

You may be asking, “Charles, why would I need to eat healthily and exercise in order to create amazing artwork? Pizza and hot dogs are my favorite foods man!”

Well its simple, your body does all the heavy lifting, so if your body isn’t functioning properly because of health problems, then you will have that much more of a challenge to get started in your journey as an artist.

Art is one of the most difficult careers to pursue, so being a healthy artist will give you a great advantage. When you’re healthy you have more time and energy to focus on your creative projects, instead of having to deal with frequent visits to the doctor’s office. Just focus on body maintenance, keep your joints limber, your breathing deep, your muscles strong and your diet clean. This will go a long way in helping your career and your life in general.


     2. Don’t Listen to the Negativity

Your own negative thoughts or the bad comments from others can really ruin our plans to become artists. But if you continue to be passionate and productive in your work, then eventually you will be recognized for your efforts, sooner or later.

People are always quick to judge and if you’re not yet famous and successful, then you’re just an amateur, but every successful person had to take the same first steps. We all started out on the same path, looking at the direction of our lives and making that decision to pursue art.

Whether you want to make art your career or just a hobby, always be true to yourself and your art. Filter out the negative thoughts and comments from others and be strong enough to continue. Let the negativity act as a fuel and motivation. Prove them all wrong and become a creative mastermind!


     3. Inspire Yourself with Something New

Being like a stagnant slug will not help your creative lifestyle, so inspire yourself as much as possible. Go see an independent or foreign film, something you wouldn’t normally watch. Listen to experimental music as you work, and try to match the feeling of your art to the songs. Read books on history, read about the origins of your favorite cultures, study bios of the world’s most outstanding artists and learn about their triumphs and struggles. Invite art into your life, breathe and think art every waking and sleeping moment.

Our dreams are another rich source of inspiration. Keeping a dream journal can be an excellent way to learn about yourself and to make progress in your creativity. I guarantee you will discover a world almost as complex and bizarre as Earth itself every time you fall asleep. Try to draw, paint or write a song about one of the scenes from a dream you remember, that would be quite a challenging and thought-provoking project!


     4. Be Observant

Everything around you has the potential to become incorporated into your work. For example, you could be on the bus commuting to your job one day tired and bored, and catch a glimpse of a construction worker out of the corner of your eye on the side of the road. Maybe you lock eyes with him for just a moment, at that moment you feel the magnitude of the man’s hard and laborious life. His daily efforts to operate heavy equipment and make sure the roads are safe for drivers. That one look he gave you could be enough and give you an idea for your next piece.

Anything can be used, anything. A sculpture of a singing frog. A movie about the exotic trees of Africa. A painting of a painter, painting paintings in the middle of a shallow lake. A poem about the meaning of time and clocks, or maybe a sad song about a rough and tough construction worker.

Whatever you like, whatever it is which you feel is worthy of our attention, that’s good enough. Always being aware and conscious of our surroundings is essential for in-depth observation.


     5. Be Original

If you want to be one of the greats, then do your best to be unique in some way. Establish your own style and brand from the beginning. Let people see that your work is different and let your personality be visible in every piece you do.

Sometimes we are too focused on the achievements of our competition. It’s important to learn from others, from their mistakes and accomplishments, but each artist has their own individual story to tell. Looking within should be the first place we always examine in order to find our own artistic vision.

At times, it’s good to shut ourselves away in our studios and let our own mind and imagination be our guide. This is one way to create something new and fresh.


     6. Promotion is Key

Whether you want to display your work at a local gallery, an online store or on networking sites like Tripoart.com, you must always be aware of the various ways of promotion. And if you don’t know how to sell and market yourself, you should get help from others who possess these skills. Having a beautiful finished artistic product is only the first step, the next is showing it to the world and letting everyone see how great of an artist you really are.

Learning how to properly price your work is necessary. The value of your art is a reflection of your talent, technical skills, cost of materials, number of hours taken to complete each piece, quality of customer service you provide and your abilities in salesmanship and marketing. Take all these things into consideration, when making your next sale. Good luck future art selling champions!


     7. Network and Collaborate with Other Artists

Seeing that it’s so difficult to be a creative genius these days, artists should really try to work together, in both the creative end of artistry and marketing/sales. Make it a point to meet new positive and supportive artists regularly.

Create something with your friends, two different artists working together on one piece will definitely make for something unique! Help each other to think of new ways to display your art or find new contacts and places for your next exhibition. Inviting musicians to play with your band, who have a totally different style, could also make your music and practice sessions much more interesting.

With many talented artists working together and joining artistic communities, there is no telling what they might come up with next!


     8. Travel – Go See the World

Put a sandwich and some colored pencils in your rucksack, and step out your back door. See as much as you can, go as far away from your home as possible! The more you see and experience the more depth your art will have. You will become a multi-faceted artist and people will see the complexity of your work. Traveling will simply take your artistry to the next level!

And as you travel, you should work on creative projects and promote yourself. Leave some of your art everywhere you go. You could paint a huge abstract mural in a popular hostel in Finland, make a lovely garden sculpture for a resort in Peru, or do a live dance performance at a nightclub in Indonesia. Whatever it is, use your art to get into the doors of the local communities as you travel and make lifelong connections at the same time. Then you will be remembered, when you are already long gone and at your next destination.


     9. Use Your Imagination

If you ever find your level of creativity is as low as the Dead Sea one day, then use your imagination to teleport your thoughts into the mind of another. Ask yourself, “How would Van Gogh finish this painting?” Or “How would Jim Morrison sing this note?’’ Whoever you look up to as an artist, envision their own actions and ideas in your current situation. You’ll find this exercise quite helpful in getting past mental blocks.

If that doesn’t work, then go feed a duck, play with a hamster, or do anything to clear your head and think of something different besides your art for a while. Get the blood flowing with some exercise and go outside for some fresh air and sunshine. At times taking a break and a change of scenery, is all we need to help boost our imagination.


     10. Have Fun

Don’t take yourself so seriously. Art is simply one of the greatest things we have in the world, so have fun with it. Don’t let your past struggles affect your present mindset. Be bold, be original, be brave and show the world your work. Try to get a reaction from everyone that sees your art. Make someone smile, make them laugh, cry, or cringe, that reaction is the power of your work. Use it and always think about how people will react when your work is complete.

If you get stuck on a particular project or find yourself bored with your medium, then change mediums. There are so many options in art, there’s no reason to punish ourselves to master a particular style or technique all at once. We can switch to paint, sculpture, film, photography, dance, music, etc. All artistic mediums have equal potential to show us something amazing.


     11. Bonus Tip – Don’t be Lazy or Procrastinate

Action is the only way to achieve success. Take a few steps every day to bring yourself closer to your goals. Sloths are never rewarded on the road to artistic greatness. You should always be producing new work, marketing/promoting yourself, learning a new technique or doing something that will help inspire your future projects.

That’s why it’s always important to be conscious and observant. When you’re not working in the studio, your mind should constantly be in tune and ready to capture a moment of time. That moment could be the subject of your next masterpiece!


     Final Thoughts

There are many things we can do to improve our artistic work. The struggles we all share are part of the journey. They help to make us stronger and will hopefully provide us a good laugh in the future when we look back and reminisce about our early stages of artistry.

The most important thing to remember is one day, someone, somewhere, is going to contemplate your art and be moved by what you have done. Good luck artists!


Let us know if any of these tips have helped to improve your work, and if you have any awesome tips to share with the rest of us, cheers!

Charles DuFont

Creator of Tripoart, the best art promotion site!

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