Stream of Thoughts

Stream of Thoughts

Sometimes, I like to write short pieces based on a specific thought. This is a fun and interesting exercise, and a good way to express myself through the Stream of Consciousness style. Below are five examples I’ve been working on, enjoy!

The Eagle and the Rat

An eagle swoops down from above with great speed and agility, diving to the ground like a military jet. His eyes set. His form; a symbol of perfection. His target stands carefreely, munching on plant matter, as he always does. He takes his ultimate and final munch and swallows the life-giving nourishment through his tiny little throat…

Then suddenly the eagle’s talons penetrate his fur-covered flesh in an instant, going deep inside his helpless body. A second later, the bird raises his wings and flies up towards the sky; proudly holding his prize. The creature now has a grand view of the sweeping land below. The treetops; the mountain peaks; the wide-open valleys; everything looks majestic and sublime. Actually, it is the best view he has ever seen in his entire life; he takes it all in.

They fly closer to the clouds and the sun and as the dying rat takes his final struggling breath the eagle tears his head right off with one fatal bite. Thus, the life of the creature ends in a moment’s time, providing nourishment to the bird and his family; in close proximity to the heavenly realms above

Beyond their reach…

Today, was a nice day,

Everyone had smiles on their faces as they played

The sun shined down upon us

The trees swayed back and forth amidst the wind

The flowers shone in pinks, reds, whites, and blues

The children splashed the waters, and the light reflected upon each drop in a glorious display of moving abstracted wonder


something wasn’t quite right. Too many longed for more. Too many desired to switch places with another. Too many felt deep down in their hearts that life is just a brief moment, merely a flash of light amidst infinite space, and instead of living consciously in the moment, they yearned for something just beyond their reach…

Are Drugs Really Bad?

A lot of people are afraid of drugs, and think that by consuming them, they could become addicted or permanently lose their minds. I agree with these people. Drugs can be very powerful. Each person reacts to them differently, some, in a very negative way.

But, I’d also like to say that anything has the ability to lead to addiction and/or psychosis, including the internet, all forms of entertainment, junk food, alcohol, music, war, competition, survival, abuse, etc.

I have seen certain men become intoxicated and foolish, after drinking only one beer, and other men still looking sober, and able to maintain an intelligent conversation, after drinking forty beers.

If one joint is enough to make a man mad, and another guy smokes thousands of them, and is still able to run a multi-million dollar company, then that doesn’t mean one is superior to the other. It just means, they are two completely different men.

Someone could be horribly, physically abused, or left to survive alone in the wilderness for several months. The way they come out of these situations determines their own level of strength and will to go on. Some may spend the rest of their days in an asylum, and others may come out stronger than ever, determined to change the world in a positive way; using their lives to the best of their ability.

This is life. This is reality. This is what happens to all of us. We are all given a roll of the dice. Good and bad things will come. How we react to these events will shape the course of our existence.

An Object in Motion

Don’t be a fool, and think that your body isn’t affected by the laws of physics, just like everything else.

An object in motion will stay in motion, and an accelerating object will gain momentum and speed, feeding on its own force of projection.

In the same way, a human body, which is motivated, moving, active, and productive, will naturally continue to grow and evolve, inevitably, progressing with its own personal goals.

And likewise, a body lying in sloth and idleness will settle deeper and deeper into its own state of comfort, like a tree that has had years to spread its roots into the Earth. As time passes, this lazy, unmotivated person will become more and more unlikely to change and leave their lethargic state.

Your Story

How many words do you think you will need to tell your story?

When I say story, I am referring to everything that’s inside of you that needs to come out during the course of your entire lifetime and be told to the world…

A Passion for Music

All the Questions – – All the Answers

To fully understand the complicated history of it all…

And then what?

What’s next after this vast array of knowledge has been acquired?

What then?

What to do afterwards?

I don’t know about you, but I’m gonna jam, and get lost in the moment of the music…



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