Something that lasts…

Something that lasts…

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How many of us remember our grandparents, our great-grandparents, or those further back in our family’s history? In my family, I would say that the available knowledge on my ancestors, their roots, their personalities, their likes and dislikes, the mark they made in the world, is very slim.

I wish I could learn more about them and know what they were really like, but time has washed over things and taken away most of the details, leaving behind only a vague memory of their existence.

But what if we could create time capsules in our daily work? Something that can preserve our activities for future generations, so that our memory will not be lost, as has the memory of countless others.

For me, art does just that. It captures our hearts, minds, and motivations. It gives viewers a chance to glance into our souls and see the state of the world at the time of each piece’s creation.

A painting can last for centuries, or even millennia. For example, look at the Lascaux cave paintings discovered in 1940 in Southwestern France. Giving us a glimpse of the artists’ minds and daily life more than 20,000 years later. Those cave-artists who painted spectacularly and on a grand scale, are our distant ancestors. I wonder who will examine our works in the future? Will we leave something positive and inspirational? What kind of message should we leave behind when death comes to take its toll?

These are the questions that cross through my mind daily. All of us want to be seen and remembered but I think it’s going to take something grand to make a lasting impression. The ancients predominantly worked with stones. They crafted magnificent temples and pyramids on almost every continent. What about us? What creative medium will we employ to send forth our messages of artistic expression to future generations?

Charles DuFont

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