Old schoolers and new schoolers need to team up!

Old schoolers and new schoolers need to team up!

During these current harsh times, people really need to start working together. Gone are the days of “every man for himself” and “I don’t care about anyone else as long as I get mine”. These types of selfish attitudes will get one nowhere. Huge corporations and other relentless beings are beating us down to a pulp, closing our businesses, enforcing lockdowns, and oppressing us with endless restrictions. Artists that have a purpose and an important message to tell, need to team up with other artists and technical people, and create awesome works together.

The mainstream media rubbish, the hollywood generated filth, is losing traction fast. People are starting to see it for what it really is, which is an entity designed to destroy the spirit and morality of every member of society – A giant conspiracy – A sinister trap made up of frequencies, laced with false truths and marxist propaganda.

The only way to fight this regime is to take the knowledge and resources that you have and shine a light on the truth of what’s really going on in the world today. That’s why working with someone from the old school or new school, depending on your own skill sets, can really help to compliment and encourage one another. It is during these dark times that we need to motivate one another and focus on the end goal with a focused drive to go on and fight. When one member of the group is miserable and depressed, or doesn’t have any new material to work with, the other artists can create something. Each mind is an idea generator. And each one naturally turns off. This is inevitable. When it is off, others will be there to keep the projects going without losing momentum. Producing finished pieces on a regular basis.

This is the best thing to do because some people have very specific skills with technology, computers, audio/video equipment, editing, music production, the graphic arts, or arts done by hand, craftsmanship and so on. There are a wealth of different creative avenues that we can follow. I think that a very important and noble thing to do in this day and age is to preserve the traditions of the past, teaching/showing them to the younger generation. Combining old school traditions with modern media is a fascinating concept. It’s a way to preserve that which has lasted thus far and keep it safe for those who will come along ahead.

The problem is we are all trying to get famous. Or earn $$ for ourselves. Well, this type of mentality isn’t going to be very useful if the economy is tanked in the shitter. Or if you can’t get anywhere because you don’t have all the skills that it takes to make a professional-looking movie, website, if you suck at marketing, and so on. Some things take a very long time to learn. If you are trying to create a brand for yourself, believe me, you will be competing with millions of other people with a similar goal and concept. Why not work with someone else, with a group of people, and start your own collective project?

Tell each other that you won’t quit until you achieve the success that you desire. Don’t stop until your message is heard across the entire landscape. Learn from your mistakes. Learn how to build a pyramid – Using all that is Good and Cosmic as the very top Capstone… Never forgetting that a meal tastes a hundred times better when savored in good company…


Charles DuFont

Creator of Tripoart, the best art promotion site!

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