Nature Poems

Nature Poems

“Look deep into nature, and then you will understand everything better.” Albert Einstein


Hi everyone, I’ve been taking a break lately from writing my ongoing saga about the incredible wandering hobo known as Hobo Joe and I’ve been writing poetry. Which, has been quite fun and interesting. Are there any poets in the room today?

Well, I’d like to share some of my poems with you all. I’ve spent a lot of time being outdoors and observing nature, so here are some of my thoughts and reflections on the subject. I think they are enlightening, I hope you all enjoy reading them. Here we go!



Their tiny bodies and never-ending activities never cease to amaze. Observing them is akin to a Western tourist visiting the crowded streets of the megacities of Tokyo or Beijing for the very first time. We observe their seemingly infinite numbers with an eye of wonder as they go about their business without ever stopping to rest. Organized little buggers they are. On a grand mission, bigger than themselves. Sure, to us they may look funny and small, but to them, their lives and projects are important and vital to their existence. They are intelligent and respectful to those higher up within their communities. If by chance one of them acts out of line, he’s immediately cast out of the pod, left to his own devices, alone, and forsaken by all his fellow mates.

They have no tolerance or patience for the weak, or for those who want to challenge the status quo. Anyone who dares, may very well be massacred on the spot.

I don’t know about you, but I’d be afraid to live amongst them, in such a strict and rigid system. After all, I’m an artist, a free thinker/spirit. Where do the creative insect types go to when they want to paint a painting or sculpt something nice to decorate their homes? I wonder, do they listen to jazz, to rock, to speed-metal, to hip-hop or blues? What entertainment do they prefer and what makes them shake a leg, get down and boogie oogie?

How could we get an ant or a beatle to laugh, to cry, to sing, to dance freely without a care in the world?

What makes them tick and keep going against all kinds of obstacles as the tiniest beings on the entire freaking planet?

You know, they say that insects have been here for millions of years. I wonder, where do they get their inner drive to continue fearlessly ahead and what kinds of dreams do they have at night?

When a little bitty bug lays his tiny skull upon a soft grain of sand which he uses as an improvised pillow, when he takes some time to rest his weary exoskeleton, does he ever pray to his God to protect him from the giants that live amongst him?

And where does he imagine his race will be in a million years from today?




Oh Dog.

Oh fluffy ball of fur.

What say you on this fine day?

I love to watch you play.

And run around across the fields.

Up and down the hills. As fast as a little rabbit.

Your movements so quick and tireless. You’re able to gallop from here to there, to anywhere, without a pause, while your big wet tongue and ears flap in the wind and you dig random holes with your paws.

Obedient, loyal, and wise beyond your years you are.

Restless, active, curious and free. You have so many qualities that are amazing and foreign to me.

You’re non-judgmental.

And you’re not a picky eater – either. Why, you don’t even need a plate, a spoon, or a fork. No, almost everything just effortlessly barrels down your tough throat. Your insides must be made out of solid steel, cause you swallow flesh and bone indiscriminately.

When you chow, do you even chew?

I can’t imagine that you do.

And if you do, it’s only for a split moment and Zooom! your off again looking for something else to stick in your mouth, or for another dog to screw, around with.

Or to bark at a new possibly dangerous threat..

But sadly, your life is quite short. It’s as if from the day you are born you know exactly what it is your supposed to do and you purposely seize every moment, living life to the fullest. This I truly admire.

You protect our home. You watch over us as we sleep.

And you always wake with a scruffy smile while wagging your furry tail from side to side.

Your peaceful and playful spirit cannot be ignored. It fills us with joy and glee and helps us to appreciate the simpler things of life.

Doggy, your special, that’s for sure.



Your rough textured skin is warm – soothing to the touch. Do you feel my fingertips as they pass along your body – massaging your crevices and fondling your leaves? Or when I get tired and lean up against you, do you sense the weight of my mass? Do you see us walking by? See the little children playing games underneath your uncountable branches? When a leaf falls from your highest stem, do you recognize it as we might see a loose hair falling from our scalp? Do you feel the innards of the earth between your toes? Its warmth, its energy, its sweet life-giving strength?

When the sun shines above, I love to watch as your branches reach higher. As high as they can go. Attempting to absorb as much solar energy as possible until night falls and the moon’s presence produces its mysterious effect. Its bright shiny dimpled face always seems to make us smile as we gaze upon it and I’m sure you also smile within, because you have always appreciated the fine and simple things of life throughout the passage of time.

Some of your brethren have lived for thousands of years. You are the oldest living beings amongst us. If you could take one day to speak and share your wisdom, what would you like to say to us? To the ones who constantly move around you like busy little bees, buzzing about, here and there and everywhere. If we could stop for a moment of time and sit cross-legged before you and see your mouth open up from the front of your trunk, your bark separating and the sound of a voice spring forth from out of it..

What would you say?



Oh mountain, upon your crooked and sturdy back countless have stepped and you don’t seem to mind at all. You stand there as tall as the tallest ones. Protruding out from the very foundations of the earth. Sticking your nose towards the heavens to the shimmering stars above.

Those far away lights shine down as we conduct our daily work, moving and toiling about. Active as ants we are. Like minuscule, insignificant insects compared to your massive size. You sit there. Solid and still. A great motionless chunk of rock without a worry in the world. When we carve on you. And in you. Sculpting stylized facial forms upon your sides and making tunnels through your belly so cars and streamlined trucks can barrel through, you don’t move an inch. Not even a centimeter! No, for you stillness is golden, but..

a day may come..

A day of reckoning, when you shake and stir, when you rattle around from your inner core, to your very toes and to the tip of your pointed nose. But until that happens, we’ll all feel safe and continue with our grind. Building lovely homes on your back and chest, making a good life for ourselves. Hoping that you don’t ever accidentally Throw Up with an eruption of liquid hot fire and magma. Destroying our precious lives and laying waste all our years of hard labor..

Because we know that at times… you can be just as restless as we are..




Oh River.

Oh sacred flowing stream of life. And death. Surging through this terrain like blood veins within a muscled limb.

As you sweep past our humble residence, I think of your past while witnessing your present.

I imagine all that you have seen and encountered throughout your long ever-continuous journey through these lands. From your light beginnings atop the highest peaks. To your courageous descent, through valleys, and to the lowest points of our realm.

What say you?

How would you describe the things you have seen?

What are some highlights or events that you haven’t managed to forget within the past million or so years?

When I see you there, rushing steadily past, I can’t help but imagine all the mysteries you hide. I know your secrets are vast and uncountable. They are. They challenge and call to those who dare stare within your darkest and deepest pools.

At nighttime when everyone and everything is silent and still, you continue along with your voice of power and resistance. Freely giving and taking lives as we peacefully lay our heads to rest. 

The abundant activities that occur within your rich waters have not ceased since your earliest days. You carve your existence through the earth itself, making a way for plants, animals and people to find a bit of nourishment and a place to call home. And we can only stand in reverence before you, as innumerable spirits fly about upon the breeze produced by your cool waves.



Gazing upon your infinite beauty and space is as magnificent as any of the earthly wonders I’ve seen during my extensive travels.

Wherever we find ourselves upon this broad land, there you are. Always above. Looking down with innumerable shining stars, illuminating your glorious face like precious multi-faceted jewels upon an endless blanket of cosmic wonder.

You cover our lives and thoughts, day in and out, since forever and beyond. Past time itself. Within your all-encompassing and ever-evolving magnitude exists that which we have not yet seen. But of course, you have seen it all, on a deep and very personal level. You are all knowing and altogether smarter and richer than anything we could possibly write, draw, build or understand.

You envelop it all. All the incomprehensible mysteries. The unknown stories, characters, peoples, creatures, and worlds not yet explored. You. Yes, you, have already been there. You’ve been everywhere, and for this reason, I tip my hat to you and wink an eye in your direction, twinkling it like one of your sons (stars). I humbly walk beneath your great heavenly body with the desire to know what you know. I’m truly quite curious.

As we aimlessly plummet through the universe upon this puny rock which is but a grain of salt amidst your ultimate vastness, may we begin a better communication with you and with the other beings of intelligence that lay hidden on stars far beyond our own. Maybe you could help us out and send them a sign. Tell them that we are here. Patiently waiting for our initial meeting, which I’m sure will be filled with engaging conversation.


Charles DuFont

Creator of Tripoart, the best art promotion site!

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