Miniature Artist – Anum Altaf
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Miniature Artist – Anum Altaf

Hello everybody! Today I will be talking with miniature artist Anum Altaf. She is a fine artist who paints very intricate designs, so intricate that one of her favorite things to paint is insects especially beetles. She is very talented and at Tripoart we like to help and promote as many artists as we can, when I saw her art I thought it was fascinating that she paints such tiny and detailed work which has a rich historical and cultural significance. I  think its important to preserve our cultural heritage no matter where we are from. So in this post we’ll show you some of her artwork, let you know a little about Anum, and below is her contact info so you can personally reach out to her if you want to commision a piece. I asked her some questions about her work and these are the answers!


Where are you from?

I am from Pakistan and presently I’m living in Saigon, Vietnam.


What type of art do you do?

My work consists of contemporary with a blend of traditional miniature practice. I love painting insects, specifically beetles and I have done a series on my sleep paralysis experience. Some of my work is also based on ideas from my personal diary. I like to work on subjects that are linked to me in one way or another. Also I have a thing for details and intricacy in my work which is why I like to study the traditional Mughal & Persian miniature paintings.


Did you study art in University?

Yes, I have a bachelors degree in Fine Arts and my major was in Miniature painting.


What is the origin and history of your artistic style?

The technique that I use in my work is a particular style of South Asian paintings. Miniatures were used mainly as book illustrations and for keeping records of events in history such as scenes from court life, battles, and portraits of rulers. Each piece is an example of unique composition and colors depicting the culture and grandeur of people from that time. This art form originated in South Asia (mainly China, Persia, India) and every sub-region has its own unique style.


What technique do you use to produce your art?

I use opaque watercolors which are called Gouache or “Gadrang” in my language. The painting surface is called “Wasli” its prepared by sticking layers of sheets together with organic glue and its burnished before painting in order to get a smooth surface.


Do you sell your art?

Yes and I also take on commissioned projects.


Is there anything else you would like to share with our readers?

There is no good or bad art. Everybody has their own way of expression and that is what makes each one of us unique. I took this path because it is my best form of expression and it makes me even happier when people can relate to it in some way.


Thanks for sharing Anum, people like you were the photographers of the past, it’s very cool that you are preserving these ancient traditions! Below are some pictures of Anum’s intricate paintings and her contact information, thanks for reading folks, happy painting!

Anum’s contact information:

Charles DuFont

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