Love From Afar

Love From Afar

The other night I felt inspired by love, people and relationships, and I imagined what it’s like to love someone that is very far away. We may look at their pictures online and talk on the phone, but of course, there’s nothing like being right next to that someone special. I feel this little poem that I wrote captures the emotions involved in this type of situation. If you’re a traveler, I’m sure you can relate.

Please enjoy those you love, those who are precious in your life.


Here is the poem:

This is the audio version, narrated by Charles DuFont:


When I see you there looking completely satisfied in the middle of your travels and adventures

I lose myself within the imagery, swept away as a leaf blowing in the wind

Despite the vast oceans that separate us I feel you just as close as when we enjoyed each other’s warm embrace

And I can only pray that when you look upon the stars this evening the feeling is mutual

Remember as you gaze upon their infiniteness that I am also gazing and you are still very much alive within my heart


Charles DuFont

Creator of Tripoart, the best art promotion site!

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