Less is more…

Less is more…

or More is More?

We’ve seen those soft, delicate, subtle artforms that can move us with a few sweeps of a brush, or a soothing, melodic tune, producing tranquility, bringing us to a peaceful state of mind almost instantly… warm tones and gracious beauty… the arts that come to mind being painting, sculpture, poetry, music, dance, and so on…

But what about those wild emotions that exist deep in our core?

Should we suppress these feelings, and allow them to stay dormant in us for time immemorial? Or can we display power through our art, and simultaneously perform a type of releasing self-therapy? Because we all know that deep within us, in our very bowels, exists a beast – a powerful chaotic monster if you will!

That’s why fantasy films like the Hulk, the Wolverine, or the Werewolves of Paris, are so popular. We know that we have this potential, this innate energy, that will not rest, will not lay still, but desires to destroy, and become a reckless animal on the loose. That’s right – It’s in all of us. When you see the Hulk jumping off the side of a building, smashing through walls, picking up tanks and tossing them across deserts like frisbees you know that is More is More type artwork going on, affecting you, and stimulating your inner god of madness and destruction. The extreme side of art, which can be very expressive and deeply primordial.

Art does whatever we want it to do, conveying any type of human emotion…

So next time you’re sitting there in front of a canvas, ask yourself: 

Want to go extreme? 

Want to make this the most insane piece of work ever realized in freaking history? 

“Let’s do it… Let’s break the boundaries!”

“Ohhh, but no, wait a minute,” you might say, “That’s not ethical. It’s not right. Too much blood and guts. Too much insanity and madness. What if some impressionable little kid sees my work and starts a fight with some poor bastard just because my art set off a spark deep inside his heart or brain or whatever, ahhhhhh!?”

Well, that’s true. Our art could potentially influence another and stir in them their inner beast, their inner monster, and God forbid they act on these primal impulses and begin to tear shit apart. You know what I mean?!

That can definitely happen – It has happened before, from time to time. I’m sure of it.

So again, we must ask ourselves: 

What’s our message? 

Where do we want to go with our work? 

Do we want to cause people to feel happiness, joy, bliss, and euphoria, as if raindrops of pink twinkling star flakes were kissing our noses and filling us with warm ecstasy… 

OR do we want to rampage across the planet with a band of fiendish metal-banging nutcases from the forbidden planet of darkness, where every other page and verse and measure and sound and riff is like a catapult of unprecedented lunacy moments away from ripping apart every pathetic loser’s dome caps!

You know, it’s up you.

It’s your call.

Do what you want.

Make that decision.

Be a spiritual, mystical, peaceful, love-sharing being of light…

Or go dark, go wild, go to the thickest, craziest, most hostile places conceivable, taking any poor bastard who’s willing to hold on for the ride with ya!

Either way, know that all this exists in each of us – every extreme, both good and evil.

And if you’re not going to be extreme in either direction, then I ask you: 

Why should anyone follow your work?

If you’re not causing people to think, challenging their beliefs, and causing their imaginations to wander, then what’s it all for? What’s the purpose? What’s the message?

Maybe you don’t have much of a message, and you just use art as a form of therapy, a type of exercise to keep your wits sharp, your mind active, and your dexterity alive. 

This is also fine. If your art is simply therapeutic, then there’s no need to go nuts…

Just go with the flow. Practice what you know. And go slow…


If you’re interested in listening to some of the experimental music that I’ve been making lately that pretty much follows the More is More philosophy then feel free to check out my Bandcamp Page(click here now if you dare!), cheers!


Charles DuFont

Creator of Tripoart, the best art promotion site!

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