Joe’s in the club

Joe’s in the club

In the Strip Club with Hobo Joe and Brent Hill Keeper

(for mature readers)

By Charles DuFont


Brent Hill Keeper – the bold, depraved trucker. The Viking-esque conqueror of America’s highways. The cigarette smoking, head banging, black wearing, lead-footed gas fiend, finally parked the enormous metallic beast and I was actually quite happy to step out and stretch my legs. We had been blasting and barreling through the states like a cannonball of death and pain. Death, because of the death metal he constantly played at full throttle while we screamed along at insanely excessive speeds, scaring the shit out of me, driving right through and over countless – helpless furry little creatures; squirrels, snakes, stray dogs, coyotes, and a few baby deer. I think we even had some pigeon carcasses impregnated into the front grill of the truck, looking like leftover food scraps sprinkled with white fluffy feathers. And pain, well just imagine all the pain those creatures felt after being massacred on the side of the road. Those poor little guys. And think of how flattened, numb, and uncomfortable my ass, back, and neck were after being in a sedentary position for innumerable hours!

“What a relief,” I said, impulsively.

“Relief. Relief, from what?” asked Brent, with a menacing expression on his face like he usually had.

“From, from, from, the confined space,” I responded. Not wanting to admit that it was a huge relief when he turned off the god-forsaken music and stopped the engine so I could finally hear and bask in the sounds of silence for the first moment in I don’t even know how long…

Brent reached behind his seat and pulled out a medium-sized cardboard box.

“What’s that?” I asked him, kind of perplexed.

“Joe, don’t ask dumb questions,” he replied with his slithering tongue, “just hold this!”

He handed me the box. It was pretty heavy and there was a small label on the side of it that read, “Just For Her” in a cursive font. I opened the truck’s door and stepped down from the beast, carrying the mysterious box.

“Joe hurry up, the girls are waiting for us!” exclaimed Brent, smiling for the first time since we left the rest stop facility, which now feels like it was a month ago. “Just be chill and follow my lead, I know the owners of this club.”

“But, I don’t have an ID or anything and I look like shit ?”

“I told you, don’t worry about it,” he insisted, slapping me on my back.

The exterior of the building was completely black and rather small and run-down looking. All the windows were boarded up with wooden panels. The roof had a slight pitch to it. I couldn’t imagine how anyone would find this club and decide to enter it, here in the middle of nowhere…

We walked over to the purple doors at the main entrance, the only part of the building that had any type of design to it. They were decorated with big stylized Egyptian eyes. A few huge bald headed bouncers swung open the doors when we were inches away from grabbing the handles, and a blast of electronic sound from the inner speakers rushed over us, raising my hairs, filling me with awe!

This was my first time entering a strip club. It was 7:30 AM and I couldn’t wait to get inside! I had heard many wild stories from some older cousins and friends of mine. About these infamous dens of perverted pleasures and I was stoked to see what really happens on in there behind the boarded up windows…

“Hey Brent, how you been?” asked the bouncer, very casual like. He was standing on the left side of the entrance. His neck, the back of his neck, had more rolls on it than a bulldog’s scrotum. His grip was stronger than an industrial vice, at least that’s how it felt to me, when he shook my hand, almost ripping my arm straight out of the shoulder socket. And the sweat beads that were dripping off of his grotesque neck made me nauseous. The smell and look of them combining with the fumes of gasoline emanating from my clothes was a powerful combo!

“Jack, listen here, this kid needs a change of clothes,” Brent said to the fat giant, “and here’s the delivery for Poppa. Joe, give him the box, please.”

I handed the box to the other hefty-sized bouncer, “thanks Brent,” he said with a sly smile. Grabbing the box and taking it away.

“No problem,” huffed Jack, “we had a few goons about his size in here the other day. Those idiots left all their clothes after they had their binge and went driving off in the nude. Fucking idiots!”

“HaHaHa, Morons!” grinned Brent, through big corrupted teeth.

“Yup, yup, you know how it goes and how some people get. They can’t handle their shit,” he exclaimed, as the sweat beads inched down the side of his face one by one by one.

“Oh yes, I do know. Don’t remind me,” said Brent, chuckling with a wink-wink of the eyelid.

And then the enormous bouncer dude named Jack said, “Follow me kid.”

Leading me directly to the left of the entrance, towards a lost and found section of the club. The strobe lights interfered with any possibility of seeing clearly, but nevertheless I did see dildos, whips, butt-plugs, lingerie, blue jeans, t-shirts, bottles of different types of lubricants and sexual enhancers, and every size and variety of only god knows what flashed before me as I tried to rummage through the random used goods. What the fuck kind of place is this? I asked myself, as I grabbed whatever looked like it would fit and threw it on right there in the room. Leaving my old gasoline-soaked rags on a shelf and ran over to Brent who was already lounging a few rows back from the main stage – and what a site it was!

There were enormous marble columns set up all about, supporting ceilings with elaborately carved moldings. The stage itself was elevated at the perfect height to give everyone an amazing view of the beauties and despite the fact that it was 8AMish the club was very much active with employees and customers sprawled all over. Hot women giving lap dances and aroused men receiving them with happy grins and drinks in hand.

What a place to be!

“Brent this is fucking awesome!” I shouted through the hardcore beats that were blasting from the sound system. Brent handed me a drink and I finally had a chance to look closer at all the fine ladies…

The innumerous strippers at the club appeared as gorgeous as the swimsuit models that you would ordinarily see on the covers of Sports-Illustrated type magazines that are sold in the checkout lines at grocery stores… the only difference between these ladies and those ladies is that these ones weren’t wearing swimsuits or anything at all. They were totally butt naked! Prancing around, up and down and across the stage with their luscious bodies exposed, gliding and “floating” upon the poles, blowing up the place, making a scene. A scene to behold and stand mesmerized by. Mesmerizing myself and all those other pervs who were up front! Woww! Yesss! Huummm  uhheeeeem! Alright Now!

I hadn’t slept for twenty hours but my hormones didn’t care, they rushed right up, straight into my veins, coursing through them like a wave of euphoric power from my very loins, my swarming sacrum, my, my, my… Brent was already getting into it…

He had a dazzling young lady in front of him doing moves that I didn’t even know were humanly possible. Contorting herself in every single position while moving in the most sensual and tempting manner. Her bodies curves accentuated by her long flowing hair and tasteful tatts. And Brent just sat there as still as stone, while she went about her dance. A dance to remember, to applaud, and to pay good money for. He gladly showered her with plenty of bills when she was finished.

Most of the guys sitting up front at pervert alley had their eyes bugging out of their sockets. Sticking out profusely from their thick horny skulls. None of us could stop looking at the amazing women as they went through their routines. The patron’s thick-ass eyeglasses had to be wiped off continuously like a car’s windshield during a rainstorm. The heat and fog emanating from their hormone-filled-bodies was so densely hot.

And their pockets seemed to have a never ending supply of one dollar bills which they gleefully placed, shoved, and stuffed into the girl’s sweaty panty thongs.

One of the little delicate beauties came up and sat on my lap. Her ass was so fine and firm that I felt my member bulging up through my pants. The stripper positioned herself right on top in such a way that I almost came right there in front of Brent and everybody else…

“Come on, let’s go to the VIP room,” said Brent, thankfully saving me from a wet pants embarrassment.

He picked up the naked woman in front of him with ease and carried her upon his huge muscular shoulders.

I followed him past the main stage, to a small door which led down a flight of stairs. Him, myself, and three of the girls, we went down those steps – quite a ways. It was narrow, dark and dungeon-like. We passed a few open doors. In one of the side rooms that I peeked into a naked scrawny woman was jumping up and down atop a sprawled-out dude.

“Brent, did you see that?” I asked Brent, shocked to see so much ass.

“Joe, that’s nothing, wait to see what they’re gonna do to you man.”

“Holy shit,” I mumbled to no one.

When we finally entered the VIP section it was more incredibly extravagant than I could have ever imagined. The lighting was funky and flashing everywhere. The room had glass coffee tables and big black sofas. There were plenty of stripper poles, and mirrors adorned the walls and ceilings. The fun was just beginning. Things really started to get out of hand, and when I say out of hand I mean this in a very good way. The best way actually!

“Holy fuck Brent, you really are well connected, Fucking A man!” I screamed with jubilance. I was getting tipsy. Brent had a fine lady by his side…

“Let the games begin!” he shouted. Ripping off his shirt, unbuckling his belt, whipping his pants off and lifting the stripper off the floor.

“Oh, yeah baby, that’s what I’m talking about!”

He was already inside her. Poking her right through his boxer shorts, past her pink thong. She really knew how to bounce upon his shaft and take the insertions. I then realized why he’s called Brent Hill Keeper. His dick was enormous when erect and bigger than a thermos, he definitely had a big hill in his pants!

The other two led me to the sofa by hand, gracing my chest and back with soft touches.

“My name is Squirrely,” said the cute little blondie.

“What? Why do they call you that?” I asked, “I never heard that name before.”

“Because of this,” she raised her lips upwards, exposing big buck teeth, lifted up her tiny delicate hands, bent them in front of her at the wrist and made a “chit-chit-chit-chit” sound with her mouth, while her head bobbed from side to side. “Yup, everyone calls me Squirrely, hehehehe,” she said all smiley-like.

“Ohhh wow,” I said, “that’s cool.”

“Sooo, where are you from?” she asked, passing her index finger up and down my stomach, causing more hormones to rush around inside me.

“I’m from New York. This is my first time in a strip club, it’s pretty badass!”

“Ooh yeah, just wait to see what happens next,” she squeaked and patted me on my throbbing dick.

Squirrel Girl pushed me to the sofa.

“What about Brent?” I asked.

“Let them do their thing, he always does it with her first.”

“Nice,” I said, “I can see why.” That woman was giving him the full body treatment.

Both girls were now beside me, rubbing me all over, whispering sweet perverted vulgarities in my ears, pulling off my trousers with their teeth…

“Whoooh, okay girls show me what you can do,” I said.

Squirrely began to suck me off and the other one known simply as Bumper, a dashing tight bodied brunette, stood up, giving me an amazing lap dance. Bouncing and grinding her sweet curvalicious ass all over my face and chest while Squirrely went to town on my crotch.

“Girls, holy shit, this is nice,” I said, gripping tightly onto one of their breasts.

“Hahah, don’t let it all out yet, hold on, we’re just warming you up,” said Squirrely, as she switched positions with Bumper. Now I had her fine ass rubbing all over my nose. Making me go wild – they were!

“Kiss me, kiss me Joe,” screamed Squirrel Girl with her moist pussy in my face.

“Are you sure?”

“Yes, do it, do it, come on,” she moaned, as she rubbed and secreted her juices all over me.

“Okay, why not!” I went deep inside her with my tongue. It tasted phenomenal. Better than the tastiest desserts – almost like an exotic Middle Eastern spice…

“Brent, I fucking love you man!” I yelled through the lust-filled air.

And just when I thought things couldn’t have gotten any better the thick VIP door swung open and half a dozen more women tumbled inside laying their silken lingerie to the marble floor, jumping into all the erotic action with the rest of us!

Even the owner of the club stepped in to join us. A big fat man adorned with gold and silver – rubies and precious jewels. The three of us – Brent, myself and the owner, known as Poppa were sitting beside each other as the girls danced and pleasured themselves upon us. I never imagined anything as wild as this would happen to me but it did! And I loved every minute of it.

In between all the sexy mayhem, out of the corner of my eye and past someone’s sharp erect nipple I saw Brent snort some white powder up his nose. He seemed to be sharing it with all the girls and the owner. The beauties lined up before him. Bowing down to suck him off and partake of the mind-altering elements which he laid out neatly on either side of his hill.

“Here take a bump Joe,” he said, tossing a bag towards me, which I immediately opened up to examine. But before I could look closely at its contents the girls helped themselves. Laying me down sideways on the couch, sprinkling me with the dust and using my entire body as a vessel to get off on. The stuff must have been laced with ecstasy cause the ladies were acting like wild animals in heat. It was unbelievable. And just when I was about to blow my entire load into one of them Brent rubbed my shoulders shouting, “Joe, come on that’s enough!”

He pushed the women off of me, pocketed all the drugs and dragged me out of there.

“Okay, chill, I’m coming,” I cried, pulling up my drawers, kissing all my new fun-loving friends, shaking Poppa’s sweaty palm and saying goodbye to another stage of the adventure – while my engorged penis throbbed inside my new pants…


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