Interview with Muhammed Bhojani
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Interview with Muhammed Bhojani

Who are you and where are you from Muhammed?

I am Muhammed Bhojani. I am 24, residing in Pakistan. I work for a Multinational corporation.

My brand’s name is Bhoj Ki Khoj. It is an active platform for enthusiastic people who are looking for some daily inspiration and motivation to live a life full of adventure. My blog incorporates sharing entertaining stories, useful travel tips, my perspective on life, fun videos, and inspiring photography.


What does Bhoj Ki Khoj mean? Which language is this?

Khoj means to search and ensue. “Bhoj Ki Khoj” figuratively translates to “My Explorations” (Bhoj being the shorter version of Bhojani of course).

The language is Urdu, my native tongue. I want to resonate with my audience, which is mostly the people from my beloved country, and at the same time I wanted to keep the name unique & catchy.


When you travel what are your goals? What type of experiences are you looking for?

For most people, the goals while traveling are having fun and ticking things off the to-do-list.
For me, traveling is movement. Moving from one point to another – investigating new corners of the world, is a delightfully simple and efficient way of changing perspective, and getting a broader and more inspired view of this thing we call life. Traveling with purpose really broadens your worldview. It helps you connect with the pains and successes of people around the world in a different way than those who’ve remained local.

So yes, my focus lies in exploring the history, the people, the culture, the food and the lifestyle – all those things that ensure that you gain some extra knowledge that might prove useful at some point in life.

I sincerely believe that you don’t need to start making a list of goals for every town you visit or even for every country, but traveling with an increased sense of purpose can only help maximize the personal growth you experience while on the road.


How has your experiences as a Pakistani man traveling in the Western world been for you? Have you easily made friends?

The experience has been pretty overwhelming. To be honest, I thought that due to the negative perception about my nation, the West would carry a set prejudice against a brown Pakistani guy traveling to their country, but I was so wrong! They welcomed me gracefully, just as they would welcome any other individual. And that gave me even more confidence and pride in my identity.

Making friends is no problem for me. I am a complete extrovert. I love interacting with people. And when I do make friends, I ensure it stays. In fact, I am still in touch with most of them. Two of my friends are even thinking to visit Pakistan, how cool is that?!


What´s one of the worst things to happen to you while traveling? What´s the most challenging aspect of traveling for you?

Well, I wouldn’t call it the worst, but I got mugged in Paris. 100 Euros. But I guess that is pretty common there.

The most challenging aspect of traveling again is my Pakistani origin. No country is perfect. We all have our flaws. But unfortunately, our media chooses to portray the negative side more. Thus, the reputation my country has earned over past decade or two, no one wants to welcome us without raising a suspicious brow. I have been a victim of a few detentions and several airport and security checks. I don’t like to talk much about it, nor does it bring me down.


One of your best experiences while traveling?

Being in attendance at the Emirates Stadium, supporting my favorite team, in one of the biggest matches in the English Premier League – ARSENAL FC VS MANCHESTER UNITED.

And it wasn’t just the match that made the experience great. The fact that I landed in London (2 days before the match), with no ticket as they were sold out, to constantly tweeting for the tickets being sold in black, to getting a response from a true die hard Arsenal fan and season ticket holder, who reached out to us and called us to Kings Cross Station to exchange the tickets at very reasonable rates, then getting the tickets just 45 minutes before the start of the game, and rushing to the Emirates stadium and arriving just 2 minutes before the kick off! YES! IT WAS TRULY MEANT TO BE!!


What’s one of the most amazing places you visited?

Prague! Without a shadow of a doubt. A spectacular city, with every turn bringing something more beautiful to absorb. There are so many amazing aspects to Prague, such as the incredible architecture, red-roofed buildings, the beautiful Charles Bridge, cobbled streets, fascinating history, and top quality entertainment spots. Prague is a visual delight, a place where you let go of the world and drown yourself in this beautiful place.


Which places in Pakistan are worth visiting and what are the most interesting parts of your culture?

I honestly believe that Pakistan is one of the most intriguing and interesting countries in the world. This is because within its mountainous boundaries on one side and its desert dunes on the other, it contains a multitude of cultures. It is a country of life which is suffused with immense beauty and colors! Here you will find the perfect fusion of tempting traditional food, natural beauty, rich cultural diversity and traditions, colorful & lively streets, the local bazaars, beautifully ornamented handicrafts, glorious mosques and ancient temples, and of course the beautifully decorated trucks.

My recommendations include: Naltar Valley, Azad Kashmir, Skardu, Fairy Meadows, Bhawalpur, and Ghanache District in Gilgit Baltistan, just to name a few of the many must-see locations.

Pakistan’s popularity as a top tourist destination is ever increasing. It is the ultimate adventure backpacking destination and if you are a fan of real adventure, you should definitely give it a thought!


Would you recommend foreigners to visit your country?

Pakistan has certainly moved past the dark times, and we have progressed as a nation. Seeing is believing, and having been to all these places myself, I can certainly vouch for them and the fact that they are absolutely safe. We have been receiving so many foreign hiking expeditions to K2 and Mount Everest as well as to the Northern areas. The internet is full of positive reviews and nothing but praise for the country, its beauty and its people.

To all travel enthusiasts, I invite you all to my country and I would love to be your host, with the promise of a unique and unforgettable experience.


What would you say to people who are afraid to travel and live life to the fullest?

Well, it takes some people a lifetime before they realize that life is short, therefore it should be lived to the fullest. Most of our life is consumed in going to school, to work, in getting married, and having kids, but where and when does the playbook of life lay out time for pursuing your own passions and adventures? People make life this big routine and stay in their comfort zone.

To these people, I would say, life doesn’t truly begin until you’ve broken out of your comfort zone, and having the courage to break free from routine is the only way you will find true adventure. Life is too short to be anything but happy.  Don’t be afraid to get out of your comfort zone. Put yourself out there, open yourself up to new experiences, learn how to relish in the moments, and lastly, smile and enjoy yourself!


Final Thoughts by Charles DuFont

Thank you for sharing your passions with Tripoart Muhammed, you have a lot of important insights about travel! It’s very inspiring to hear your stories and see your positive viewpoint on how to travel and live life to the fullest. I imagine that your country is full of incredible natural beauty, fascinating cultures with a rich history, spectacular architecture, tasty foods, and very kind generous people. I´m sure Pakistan´s popularity as a touristic destination will only increase with each passing season! Thanks again for your time to share and I wish you all the best in your career and in your future global adventures!


Muhammed taught me a little bit of Urdu for the interview! Thanks Muhammed!

How do you say, “Have a great journey!” in Urdu?

آپ کا سفر اچھا گزرے (“ap ka safar acha guzrae”)

  آپ کا سفر اچھا گزرے 


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