How To Turn Any Town Or House Into A Tourist Attraction

How To Turn Any Town Or House Into A Tourist Attraction

I have traveled a lot and been to a wide range of odd places. Some that are awesome and unforgettable and others that I wouldn’t recommend anyone in the world to visit. In this post I’ll explain how you can create an incredible space, that will bring you lots of attention and maybe even be part of your new career or life mission.

Almost any house, town, or mountainside can be transformed into a tourist attraction by talent, determination and money if you have some then that will help!

I’ll give you all several peculiar ideas, examples, and a guideline to begin, let’s get creative!

Haunted House

Starting with a house, say you have an old house in a city or town. How can you turn it into a popular tourist attraction?

Well, if it’s in horrible condition, dilapidated and falling apart then that could be a perfect haunted house. The more ugly, gritty and disgusting it looks the better. Fill it with sculptures of demons, dragons, witches, skulls, and goblins. Get some nightclub strobe lighting, fog machines and fill it with the scariest music and sound effects you can find. Create a dungeon-like area with primitive torture devices where visitors can sit and enjoy tasty scary-themed cocktails.

Doesn’t that sound easy?

You can create and manage your very own haunted house. Maybe there’s a house in town that no one wants to buy or live in ‘cause a horrible crime or murder occurred there, then that would make the perfect house for your project. It will probably be much cheaper to buy than any other house in town. It will have allure, history and could have inhabitants of the paranormal kind, which will scare the crap out of everyone that enters your house!

For example, this haunted mansion in Massachusetts built in the 1880’s is so dangerous and terrifying that it requires its visitors to sign a waiver before entering, check it out!



Ok, maybe you’re not a dark and twisted type of person and don’t want to be responsible for a house filled with ghosts and demons, thats understandable, then instead you could turn your house into a museum.

A collection of antiques, guns, weapons, costumes from old Broadway shows, any type of oddity or rare collection will do.

Make sure you focus on excellent design and decoration to create the best atmosphere for your visitors.

You can also sell drinks, gifts, souvenirs, or books related to your museum’s theme.


Animal House

You could fill your house or backyard with animals. What kind of animals?

Rabbits – Cats – Ferrets – Snakes – Guinea pigs – Mini Pigs and Goats – Iguanas – Tortoises – Hedgehogs – Owls – Pugs – Komondors – Tropical Fish – Ducks – Peacocks – Turkeys – Tarantulas – Scorpions

Make sure you create the ideal living conditions for your little creatures, so they are happy, well fed, and clean.

You can have one type of animal or have a combination of different species.

A huge custom made animal playground would be very cool and fun to see for kids or adults!


Get the Townspeople Involved

An entire town could get together and work on one specific project, whether that be making cheese, brewing beer or sculpting clay or stone. Whatever you decide if there are a dozen or more different shops in one town and they all provide a similar artisanal product then this will be a great attraction. People will come from afar to see your unique arts and crafts. You will be working together with other members of the community to offer the best products and service. Hopefully, there will be a friendly competitiveness between everyone and craftsmen will always be looking for new techniques, designs, and products to offer to visiting tourists.




Frank Gehry

Gehry is a California based architect that renovated his home in 1977. What he did wasn’t particularly elaborate but it drew the world’s eye to him and now he is one of the most sought-after architects in the world. He has made dozens of incredible and artistic structures in several different countries and it all started by him renovating his own house with basic industrial materials.


The Coral Castle

The Coral Castle is a property in Homestead, South Florida that was transformed into a mini castle by one man; a five foot tall immigrant from Latvia named Edward Leedskalnin. He began building the castle in the 1920’s and continued to work on it for more than 28 years. The reason why it is such an amazing site is because he built the entire structure secretly with mysterious tools of his own design. The coral rock he used has an average weight of 15 tons, which Edward quarried, shaped and set in place himself.

On the same property, he also produced his own electricity, grew vegetables that he sold to tourists, and drank fresh water from a well that he built on site. This is definitely one of the most amazing places to visit in the United States and is a perfect example of how one man turned his property into a tourist attraction which still receives visitors to this day more than seventy years after Edward’s death.


The Clay House

La Casa Terracota as it’s called in Spanish was built by Colombian architect Octavio Mendoza and is considered the largest clay structure in the world. It took more than 15 years to make and is an artistic marvel.


The Clay Village

Click here to read about this amazing village!


The Cavedigger

One man, Ra Paulette, digs elaborate caves in the desert of Northern New Mexico. His hand sculpted caves are of great artistic wonder. Many visitors go to his caves to meditate and enjoy their beauty. They consider them sacred underground shrines.


Don’t Make a Tourist Trap

The problem with tourist traps is that they are beautiful on paper and online but when you go to visit them the service is awful, they’re overpriced, overhyped and not what you were expecting to see.

These establishments are eager to earn as much money as possible from each tourist while providing the worst service/value and don’t care if tourists ever come back.

Besides creating a unique and attractive atmosphere you should always provide great customer service and continuously invest to make your site better with new art or beer recipes or whatever needs to be done to give your visitors a reason to return and recommend your place to their friends.


Are any of these ideas legal??

Seeing that Tripoart is a world focused website I have no idea if you are legally allowed to turn your house into a haunted house, remodel your entire town and transform it into the cheese capital of Central Nebraska or whatever you decide to pursue. So you will definitely have to check in with the rules and regulations of your city or town. I know that certain areas are not allowed to have commercial activity, so before you begin your big project make sure you don’t break any laws.


In Conclusion

We are only limited by our imaginations, if you have a great idea and the will to do something big, then why not pursue it?

You will embark on a worthy journey, be your own boss and potentially make a huge touristic impact.

If you are not ready to settle down and start your project then you could always travel to several different countries and get inspired. You may even find a property worth buying and transforming into the next best local attraction.

Good luck!


Have any of you visited any other similar places? Let us know in the comment section!

Charles DuFont

Creator of Tripoart, the best art promotion site!

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