How to Deprogram Your Mind Today

How to Deprogram Your Mind Today

The human mind is the most sophisticated phenomenon in the world. We have created all manner of devices and accomplished countless feats far beyond the imagination of those past. Basically, we’re equipped with natural supercomputers in our heads that are more powerful than nature itself. BUT we must understand that from the time we are born there are an innumerable amount of stimuli, like television, internet, and our culture, that are fighting for our attention, attempting to motivate our behavior and shopping patterns. This is why it’s vital for us to deprogram our minds from time to time, become centered, and stay true to ourselves, without going into lower states of consciousness that are easily manipulated and affected by outer entities.

To give an example of how we are influenced, just look at the way a supermarket is set up. The milk, eggs, and meat (staples of our society) are always situated towards the back of the stores. So, in order for you to purchase the nourishment that you need to live and sustain your family, you must pass many aisles of junk food, magazines with sexy pictures, candy bars, etc. This is by design. It is Marketing 101. The owners of these stores want you to buy more than what you need, so they have cheap plastic toys and candy bars up towards the check-out lines. While you stand and wait to make your purchase, you’re forced to stare at many, many tempting items. I hope you see my point and understand that this occurs all the time, and in different formats. Take Facebook as another example. You may only want to log on and check your messages, but the Facebook will also leave tempting eye candy adjacent to your messages: sexy pics, scenic pics, advertisements, catchy or off-the-wall headlines, etc. The more time you spend on their website – the happier will be the CEOS, because your time equals $$$ in their pockets.

So what can we do to combat these influences, clear our heads, and become grounded, sensible people who are not affected by all these things that are at war to get inside our minds?

“I think we should abandon society completely, head for the hills, and live in a freaking cave!” you might suggest.

Yes, that’s one option, but some of us are still interested in making our mark on society. We don’t want to leave everything and everyone, and live out the rest of our days alone, wearing some unfashionable loincloths, trying to start a fire by rubbing two sticks together, munching on grubs till we die… What can we do then?


Here are my suggestions: (practice at your own risk!)


Fasting is an ancient practice that is quite simple: stop doing that which you are doing. Like if you eat a lot of junk food, then just eat healthy food for a day or a week. You may find that this helps to destroy addictive behavior. The more you indulge in something, the more you will crave it. By forcing yourself off of these things, your body (not mind) will forget about these vices and their addictive force will weaken. Sometimes I like to do a raw food fast where I only eat raw fruits, vegetables, or seeds. I do this for one meal or up to a few days. This will cleanse your digestive system and mind. You can also fast television, internet, alcohol, music, bad friends, etc. The idea is to clear yourself from these things that have become daily habits. Exchange bad habits with something more productive like:


Get outdoors and work with plants. The fresh air and nature will revitalize you. Besides gardening, any type of handicrafts will also be stimulating and refreshing to the mind like knitting, wood carving, calligraphy, etc.



When you are in the middle of an intense workout your addictions, thoughts, and problems still exist, but you don’t care, because you will be hiking up mountains, carrying heavy loads across fields, running marathons, or swimming through oceans. Do it. Get physical. Push your body to its limits, wait a day, then push it again. When you have a regular exercise routine your mind will be automatically refreshed and cleansed after every workout.

Push yourself to the max until all your thoughts melt away!

Meditation, Chi Gong, Yoga, and Martial Arts

These Oriental practices have helped countless people find inner peace and order amongst the chaos of society since ancient times. The more you learn and advance in these techniques the more illuminated and centered you will become. You should dedicate at least thirty minutes every day to your mind and body, for your health and overall wellbeing.


Turn off the tech and head to the hills…

Seriously. Periodically it will become more and more necessary for us to completely shut ourselves away from everything. Take a week off and go on a camping trip. Go as deep into the woods as possible. Exercise, meditate, write in your journal, focus and find the connection that you have between your mind and the universe itself. It may also help to take some psychedelic plants along to guide your journey…

I see the human mind as a countertop…

Imagine if every time you receive a new message, see a commercial, or are influenced by something you put it on your kitchen countertop. You collect and collect all this data (clutter) for years. You have to live and function with these ideas that are motivating your daily actions. Trying to make a simple meal will become quite challenging because there’s no space to do anything! Well, wouldn’t it be nice to clear off that countertop and start anew? Otherwise, new important enlightened ideas won’t be able to come in. They’ll be blocked. You will become stagnant, and depression or sensory overload will occur.

Remove the clutter and begin each day with a clean countertop, so you can create your best art and make the smartest, wisest decisions in life.


Bonne Chance!



Charles DuFont

Creator of Tripoart, the best art promotion site!

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