How the World Began

How the World Began

(or at least one version of how it began)

Long, long, long ago there was a big, big bang, but it wasn’t an explosion of destruction, like an atomic blast that devastated everything in its path, no, it was an explosion of light, love, consciousness, physics, geometry, mathematics, order and divinity. The explosive light shone with a profound luminosity bringing forth a warm, sacred, life-giving glow to all that it came in contact with.

This force reached every corner of the Universe, into infinite space, into a realm so vast – it is beyond measure. So it went out and out and out, and there the planets began within the emptiness. Matter formed. A wide range of materials known and unknown took shape amidst the vastness of it all.

But there was still not physical life, so water and seeds were introduced, and this is how all living beings began – from the seed.

Each one containing the information necessary for each individual – for every single species ever to have existed – plant, animal, fungi, and so on…

Water then began to pour and germinate the seeds, species grew, first the plants, then the animals, then the humans, and other intelligent species, all of whom partook of the plants in order to live. These species multiplied abundantly, and the sophisticated ones built cities – civilizations sprang up across the entire Universe…




The Earth itself has gone through at least five different ages. Each one ending because of the wickedness of its inhabitants. Their own selfish and immoral behavior brought the “guillotine” upon their necks. There has always been this eternal struggle between Good and Evil. 

God is Good. 

He is the One who has created all life and given it order, but Satan, the Dark Force, has always tried to destroy and manipulate and corrupt that which is good, innocent and pure.

Each different age had different types of species. In the older days of Earth, the animals were gigantic and so were the people, but after each mass extinction event when the world was destroyed, God came along and reset the entire system. Thus we’re here again, and this time we’re much smaller. There are no more dinosaurs or giants roaming around, but the land is full of great wickedness once again…


The age is coming towards its end…


The sand has almost stopped falling in the hourglass, only to be flipped over, bringing about a new age, a fresh beginning, and a chance for the Light to cleanse all that is wrong with every-thing…

Thus history repeats itself…

We wait and see and watch, as Good and Evil go at it – the “Clash of the Titans”.

 Good must prevail – It has to

Otherwise, we’ll be living like rats amongst Terminators. 

BUT the Dark Force will be put out, eventually, like a raging fire being trampled upon by a million wild horses… 


So as you can see, what we have here is a realm of infinite wonder and complexity, where science and life is explained by this mysterious Higher Power, by God, where life begins, ends, and begins again. Where that which is good, pure, peaceful and true is under constant threat by this evil jealous force that is parasitic by nature. A force that always wants to take take take, from our lives daily, threatening our very sanity in the process. Thus, one must be ever vigilant, and aware, always protecting oneself and his loved ones from this destructive power, because one is here to give, to help us fulfill our destinies, and the other is here to take away… but the cycle will never end… the wheel of existence will never stop turning… 




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