Four Simple Love Poems

Four Simple Love Poems

As an artist, I like to explore and understand every type of emotion, including the heartfelt and passionate ones. I’ve been known to listen to some very romantic songs and watch a loving film or two. I’m also not a stranger to the ups and downs of relationships. Strong emotions, intimacy, and passion is all part of the experience. I find it fun and exciting to create simple yet powerful poems to express some of those feelings. So here are a few more poems to inspire all you love birds out there. Enjoy and try not to cry!


Your Sweet Whisper

When you whisper in my ear, during the early hours of the morning – when nothing else can be seen or heard, so softly, that I can barely comprehend your utterances, it sounds almost heaven like to me…

You take on the voice of an angelic being

One far beyond words of description

Beyond beauty – beyond allure

You are your own allure…

Your energy

Your presence

Your enchantment

Your very breath…

It falls down and slams into me

Paralyzing me right there on the floor – pushing me into the deeper levels of a love-filled trance

And every time I hear your sweet soothing whispers – it – starts – all – over – again


Your laughter can be heard from across the room

I can recognize it from anywhere

At anytime

It resonates through the air with a penetrating joy

Lifting my spirits – even when they’re at their lowest

Seeing you there, laughing away, socializing with everyone, dominating the scene and every conversation with your electric charm is enough for me…

I don’t even care what you’re talking or laughing about…

I just like to watch and see that you are happy, reveling in the moment



Your furiousness has stopped grown men in their tracks

It has made poor old women weep and apologize with their heads pointed downwards

It has calmed entire rooms full of chaos and ruckus

It has left countless unwitting ones silent with drool hanging from their shocked faces

It has caused more to spring to action than I can remember

It has been the source of your infinite attraction – and – power since we first met…


The – Distance – Traveled

I quit my job

I threw on my clothes

I packed my bags

I got in a taxi

I went through all the motions at the airport – at the security checkpoints and so forth

I took the flight

I left my family and responsibilities behind me

I waited – only for you and not for anyone else

And I did all this…

Just to lay here within your warm embrace…


Charles DuFont

Creator of Tripoart, the best art promotion site!

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