Finish What You Started

Finish What You Started

“There is no good in anything until it is finished.” Genghis Khan


Hi friends, I created this motivational post for one of the writing groups that I’m a member of. Even though the advice was meant for writers, I think it can also be applied to other disciplines and pursuits.

How many of us let the fear of failure and rejection dictate our actions, paralyzing us from attaining what we truly wish to achieve?

I encourage you to give this post a read and meditate on its meaning.

Here’s the post!


The audio version, narrated by Charles DuFont:


Hi writers, what do you say?

After being involved with writing and writing groups for several months now I feel like many of us let fear guide our actions. Some are afraid to share and publish until their work is absolutely perfect. They’ve been writing the same story for many years and they’re still not sure when or if it will be complete.

Others come on here and talk about how they wrote and published six or more novels in less than a year. They are bold, prolific writers.

Perhaps finding the right balance between both styles is essential to creating good, lasting work.

We should make sure our writing is of the highest level of quality, go to the editor, publish, then move on to the next tale. Should we not?

How do we know when to put the story down and move on?

How many of us struggle to finish our work, while brilliant, potentially world-changing books lie tucked away in drawers never to see the light of day?

Years ago, when I first started building fine furniture, my teacher used to tell me, “Don’t turn your project into an epic journey!” He drilled this command into my head until I finally understood its meaning. In other words, get it done as fast and efficiently as you can and move on to the next table or chair. Each project will teach you new, important lessons.

At times simplicity and minimalism is better than complexity and “a never-ending story”.


Charles DuFont

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