Finding God On the Road…

Finding God On the Road…

When traveling it’s good to do so with a purpose. We each have our own personal goals and interests, these should hopefully lead us to a place where we cultivate inner growth, rather than cultivating our next shot of dopamine or adrenaline, which are sought after by many, but mostly only serve us temporarily…

God will not necessarily give you the same type of thrill that you may feel if you were skydiving off of Mount Everest without any pants on, but He can show you insights and sparks of wisdom, universal truths and lessons that you can take with you for the rest of your days. So, I’m not going to discourage you from living life to the extreme and having all kinds of wild adventures. Instead, I’m going to show you some places where you might find God on the road, which will help you to make sense of all the madness you will encounter in this crazy world!

In Church 

Many flock to these places of worship to find God. While traveling, you’ll pass these “Holy Houses” that usually have service on Sundays. They could be a good place to network with locals and get to know what’s going on in the area you’re in. Sometimes they will offer other types of activities/social events which could be fun and allow you to fellowship with new people. You’ll hear a sermon and participate in worship if you like.

But the main question is: Will you find God in church?

I think you may, but I believe that there are better options described below!


Temples and Cathedrals 

I’ve always been interested in history, so when I travel I love to visit these old structures of worship. The craftsmanship, architectural design and beauty of these buildings are awe-inspiring. They can be appreciated not only for their timeless aesthetic form but for their original purpose, which is to honor God and provide a place where the earth connects with that which is beyond. 

You will find these temples and cathedrals across the planet, for example Mexico and Guatemala have gorgeous mysterious pyramids, Europe has its spellbinding cathedrals built and carved by the world’s greatest Masons, Africa has its mosques that can show us a world shrouded in diverse cultural history, and Asia – the birthplace of most religions, has temples beyond description, so elaborate and breathtaking that they demand our attention. Each of these places built for a specific purpose: to show man that he is not alone…

In Nature 

When traveling be sure to visit secluded spots away from the busy cities where you can breathe pure air, drink fresh water, eat healthy organic food and see nature in its pure virgin state untouched by man’s mark. In these places, you will see the coordinated rhythm of nature that exists like a timeless wheel, untouched, unchanging – without a need to change because it has found the perfect way to live in harmony with other beings, satisfied by simply being alone. A cactus, a tree, a flower, a songbird, each of these beings can show us that simplicity and minimalism are all that’s needed to feel contentment, peace, and satisfaction.

When you go out in nature, you should take your clothes off and become one with it, jump into the pools of life, drink the waters, and find the Divine above rising in a sky full of sparkling stars… there you will surely find yourself closer to Him.

Which places in nature to visit to find God?





Frozen tundras



In a Club

Nightclubs are more of a place where you can find devils rather than God, but they could be investigated nonetheless if only to show you how terrible a life without God really is. Why should we fear temptation? Tempt yourself with all the world has to offer, indulge if you want, to your heart’s content and see where it leads. Will it take you to glory, or to a life of addiction and headaches, hangovers and bizarre friends/situations? Go into it as an explorer, if you dare, go deep, learn all you can, see as much as possible, have as many wild times as your organs can handle but remember the goal is to do all this and come out of it whole, with your mind and body still intact, good luck!

Few can live this way without getting swept away. Those that do, are usually permanently scarred from their experiences either physically or psychologically but what doesn’t kill us makes us stronger, right? You will have more stories and experiences, you will have danced with fire, rocked yourself to the break of dawn with music thumping, booze flowing, luscious hard bodies with smooth exposed skin coming at ya from every direction… Yes, you will know the ancient ritual of indulgence and pleasure… Have fun with it!  hehehehehe


Man has been using these sacred plants since the dawn of time. It’s said that the gods introduced them to us along with other useful knowledge of survival and civilization building. These are the gifts of the gods – the flesh of god. Sacraments taken to show us a new perspective, a world more complex than that which we’re normally aware of. Psychedelics can show you God but more importantly, they’ll teach you how to grow, what you need to do in your life, highlight your strengths, and expose your weaknesses. These plants are truly divine. Giving us a glimpse of the eternal in only a short span of time. Use them wisely and use them as a tool to bring yourself closer to Him.

Where can they be found?

In nature. In mountains, forests, and deserts across the planet. 

Refer to this PAGE for more information about psychedelics.



We should learn how to meditate while still and while moving. Meditation is the art of existing in the moment without thoughts of the past or future. It’s present consciousness. Like a tree or a cactus, they just are. They lack desires. Content with existing, requiring nothing else in life. This is the state that we should strive for. It can be experienced wherever we go. We pass by new places, and observe life, observe people and civilizations, this endless movement of toil, of riches, buildings, concrete, steel, telephone poles… a clash of peoples and races, let it all exist around you without removing your inner peace. Be at peace, while everyone else does their thing. This should be our goal, because once you find that inner peace nothing can take it away, no matter how insane become your adventures!

Finding a Guru or Shaman 

These men of God have much wisdom. You will probably come across a few in your travels. They may offer some alternative natural medicine therapy or a sacred ritual ceremony with plants that he collected himself, which will bring you into altered states of consciousness. These men will teach you and show you many things but they usually don’t do so for free. They expect payment, so you will have to use your judgment to decide if his services are worth the price. Certain ceremony rituals require much preparation like a sweat lodge or yage drinking, so consider all of his involved efforts, and ask others if they recommend his services.

Wrapping it Up 


The questions that have always been in man’s consciousness since the dawn of time are:  

Are we alone? – Do we have a Creator? – Is God real?

These questions have haunted us eternally. Atheists and believers alike will never stop wondering about Him. Our greatest desire in life is to know what is our purpose in the Universe and if we are alone. Unfortunately, I don’t have the answers to these difficult questions but I know that there are certain techniques, certain shortcuts, that have been practiced since ancient times. These will help us to expand our consciousness and know more truth. Hopefully, as we grow more and more, we’ll be able to glimpse His presence. For He doesn’t have a physical form, it is beyond this temporal existence, something which cannot be touched but that can touch us internally, in our hearts, which is what every traveler will most likely experience, even for just a moment, the eternal mystery, the great unknown… 


Charles DuFont

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