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1. Whats the purpose of Tripoart?

Our purpose is to promote and support artists, helping them to find creative jobs anywhere in the world, in their home towns or during their travels. This is also a resource for non-artistic types, to meet and connect with artists, to enrich their own personal spaces. Artists can sell their work in our online store, join our forum, and share valuable information on our blog.



2. How can I meet the world’s best artists?

Search through our member section or meet artists on the online forum



3. How can I find art jobs while traveling?

Through your personal profile, people will be able to contact you and commision work, depending on your own abilities, artistic style, and experience. You can also look up the profiles of people, who need specific work done and directly message them. 



4. I’m an acomplished artist looking for an apprentice to teach and to help with some projects..

There are plenty of young artists here, who would love to learn new skills from experienced artistic masters.



5. I’m an art student who wants to learn from a master, can I find one here?

Yes, of course, search for your new artistic mentor today!



6. How do I compensate artists for their work?

All arrangements are to be dealt with between our members. We want to promote fareness and generosity for all dealings, though money isn’t the only form of payment. Labor, room and board, trade and bartering, can also be employed.



7. Why choose Tripoart when the web has so many other options?

Tripoart is a safe, casual, friendly, risk-free website. Our goal is to promote art, travel, and cultural exchange around the globe. Join our site today and get involved with this new exciting community!

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