Don’t Leave the Dog    

Don’t Leave the Dog    

“Dogs leave paw prints on our hearts.” Author Unknown


*Guest Post by Writer Valorie Broderick*


Was that sad puppy dog face the final straw? Then next time you gallivant across the country, consider taking your dog with you! There are great adventures out there to share with your pup. With a bit of preparation, you and your dog will have the time of your lives and your bond will grow stronger than ever.



One does not simply walk into a doggy dream trip. If you are wondering how to travel with your dog, realize that you are going to need to do some major preparation.

Make sure your dog is up for the journey. Take her on some short, nearby excursions first to see how she fares. Are you going to do some hiking? Get your dog in shape by hiking similar terrain so neither of you will tucker out. Your dog needs to prepare physically just as much as you do.

You should also check with your vet before you go. Fido will need to have all his immunizations and get the go ahead from your vet to travel (just to be safe). You will need to pack your dog’s medical records and any medication he takes as well as know where the emergency veterinary hospitals are along your route.

Take a picture of her along with you, just in case your furry friend gets lost. And don’t forget to get your dog microchipped. Perhaps this would be a good time to invest in a reflective dog collar as well.


How to Explore with Your Dog

Walking and driving is the most convenient way to travel with your dog since shipping him overseas is incredibly expensive, requires a lot of paperwork, makes many dogs uncomfortable, and is just an overall pain. For a hassle-free trip, travel closer to home and save the exotic excursions for later.

There are many trails and campsites that will allow dogs to come along. And if you need to stay in a hotel, there are plenty that do allow dogs. However you travel, be sure to keep your dog hydrated and make plenty of potty stops.

An Amazing Dog Adventure

In case you are wondering what an escapade with your canine friend might look like, here is an example to fuel your imagination.

For the purposes of this sample expedition let’s say you’re starting out in the United States. You are going to take your dog to the Big Apple: New York City, New York. You and your dog start by camping out at Harriman State Park for a day or two exploring its many hiking trails, enjoying the beautiful lakes and streams, and eating hot dogs together over a campfire.

After getting your fill of s’mores and wildlife, drive for one hour to New York City. Stay in a dog-friendly hotel, and in the morning, walk the Hudson River with your dog and visit a dog park so she can enjoy some freedom frolicking with her pals.

She’ll probably be hungry after this. Luckily, you can take her out to lunch at the Chateau Le Woof on Long Island. Grab yourself a hot cup of joe and a meal for your dog all in one place. You and your dog can even relax together on the couch.

Just in case the dog cafe was not rejuvenating enough, your dog might need a massage. Take your pup over to New York Dog Nanny, and for around $40 you can get your dog a reiki massage while you check out some of the humans only attractions around New York. All of this spells a happy time for you and your dog.


Better Together

Next time you trot the globe, try taking your dog with you! After all, who better to share your exploits with than your furry friend. Your dog will have his adventuring needs met and you will both have a wonderful time in the process. Finding great things to do with your dog will be an adventure all its own.



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