Create roots or wander endlessly?

Create roots or wander endlessly?

This life of ours is a short one. So, let’s look at the various options we have and try to decide if we want to settle down with a job, business and family, or wander around the planet till the end of time…

For women, one thing you should seriously ask yourselves is if you want to have kids or not. Most doctors will recommend that you bear children before you are 35 years of age to ensure the healthiest conditions for your pregnancy. Unfortunately, when we go head-on into an education and career, that can take decades of our lives, we make less time for our family. So, women need to decide early on if they want to have children or focus on other activities. 

This is one thing to consider. Also, we should look at our careers. Many of us work at jobs that we don’t like, to live in overcrowded cities that give us abundant amounts of consumer products and entertainment to choose from. But in the end, will these material things lead to happiness and fulfillment? That’s something that only you can answer by looking in the mirror and giving yourself a proper overall analysis.

On the other hand, wandering, traveling, trekking and backpacking is awesome and fun, but without roots or friends to share these experiences with we can become lonely and feel empty inside.

So my advice to you is to cultivate real relationships with people of all walks of life wherever you may be. Invest in others. Make yourself a valuable and honorable person, by giving more than you take.

In the end, whether you decide to have a family, work at a job, start a business, or wander the world, you will have made good lasting memories with others… this is something that can never be taken away from anyone.



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