Compellng Call to the Arts

Compellng Call to the Arts

At Tripoart, we feel that art is simply an extension of ourselves, an inner glimpse of our deepest and sometimes not so deep thoughts and personal life experiences. A snapshot of our current creative ideas. But whats required to identify and appreciate a great artist? Is not a young un-talented child singing from his heart in his families living room, just as artistic and expressive as an old master about to apply the finishing touches to his latest masterpiece? Art, therefore, is seen as beautiful or unattractive, by each individual viewer. Each one of us has the ability to see beauty in everyday life, whether it’s watching a spectacular sunset along the coast or seeing the movement of water, as raindrops bounce off of a rooftop and the light of a nearby lamppost illuminates the dancing forms.

Art is all around us, but having the right mindset to identify art and beauty is something which isn’t always easy to do. Our modern lives are so hectic and full of activities. Responsibilities and obligations can get in the way and block our view, but make no mistake about it, art is always there. Constantly surrounding us, guiding our lives and paths. Showing us a different perspective or enhancing our daily thoughts.

Our time spent here is an opportunity to express and share that beauty with others, it’s an opportunity to relay a message, an emotion, an experience. What you decide to do with your art is up to you. Use art as a medium and a way to give people a view of your inner self. It really is an amazing and powerful tool. And if your art lasts for thousands of years, like the first paintings etched out upon the walls of caves and caverns around the globe by early man, then just imagine the impact your art will have on future generations.

What message would you like to tell to those who will examine your work in the coming centuries? What amazing artistic creation rests within your soul? What works are you now hiding from the world? What’s stopping you from producing and sharing these inner visions?

Our goal is to help each artist to accomplish their dreams and artistic goals. I want to invite anybody interested to use this space as an opportunity to share your work to the world. Our blog has been created to give artists the chance to exhibit their artwork, and perhaps explain a particular artistic technique, share something inspirational or motivating, or talk about their journey and reason for becoming an artist.

Through encouragement, collaboration, the exchange of knowledge, ideas, and the generosity of our members who can afford to donate to other members, we will create new and impressive works.

We want this blog to be a resource of knowledge and inspiration for the betterment and fulfillment of art and the strengthening of Tripoart’s international artistic community. When we join together and support one another we will have a greater chance of finishing works that have been started in the past but need more time and dedication in order to complete. We will also find the motivation and resources to begin to create new exciting pieces. It’s our hope that through this community many new masterpieces will see the light of day and begin to enrich the lives of others.

Please feel welcome to use this website as a worldwide gallery to display your hard work and artistic endeavors. Let us know if you’re interested in creating a new blog post here or if you have any ideas to help us improve our site and services!

Thanks for reading, have a very artsy day!

Charles DuFont – Founder of

Charles DuFont

Creator of Tripoart, the best art promotion site!

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