I really can’t stand clickbait. When I see something online with an eye-catching image and headline that entices me to click on it, to unravel the seemingly indispensable life-changing content, I become disgusted. Because after clicking such a link, I then realize that I was essentially tricked and cheated.

The folks that employ clickbait into their arsenal of web-promoting business tactics are the worst to me. Duping countless ones to believe that losing weight, earning tons of cash, or having the body and sex-life of a superhuman can be attained by reading one little article online. This is so preposterous to me, that I feel insulted just by seeing/having them in my newsfeed.

For this reason, when I create content I display my work for what it is. And let the readers decide to click. Many times my titles are an oversimplification of what my content is actually about. But I’d rather have my readers be pleasantly surprised and finish viewing feeling satisfied, as opposed to leaving my page with feelings of resentment and disappointing negativity.

I provide something of quality that adds value to lives instead of offering bogus wastes of time…

I hope that my readers and followers come to realize that my articles and stories have no fluff or sugar-coating. It’s all as real and worthwhile as I can humanly achieve. The last thing I want to do is cheat or mislead my readers. So when you come onto Tripoart, you know exactly what to expect. We’re not trying to waste anyone’s time with false truths.

We only wish to accomplish goals together, by promoting art, travel and adventure!

So the next time you click on anything, I hope you think for a moment before taking the plunge and lose precious time. Which the creators of said-content will never be able to replace, despite the fact that they claim to have the answers to everything that challenges mankind.


Charles DuFont

Creator of Tripoart, the best art promotion site!

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