Cell Phone Pitfalls

Cell Phone Pitfalls

I sit in the cafe and see everyone looking down. I stand in the metro and see the same. I stroll down the city streets and watch as everyone walks around with devices in their hands. And I am currently writing to you from such a device, attempting to get you to put yours away for several hours a day…

Instead of looking down – Look Up. Look at the amazing world you live in, not the digital world that exists in S-C-R-E-E-N-S.

How many people do we bypass and ignore each day, in order to review our most recent updates? I know how addicting these connections are. I’m familiar with their strength and power. We gotta break through and live without it. It is possible. We all live in society and need to be connected, but we can spend less time online and be more disciplined and focus on work and productive projects, as opposed to entertainment and chatting.

Chatting has become the new international past time – along with image viewing. If you want to see images – Real Images – turn off your devices, open up your precious eyes, and look at everyone around you (I bet they’re all looking at their devices, are they not?). Then I implore you to look deeper and do some exploration. Conversate with strangers. Have fun. Bring a pen and sketchbook. Make your own fresh images, take notes, write stories, poetry, whatever you like. Capture the world with your eyes, ears, nose, all of your senses. No flash required.

I have seen studies of people who have super-human brains. They can remember the sequence of hundreds of numbers. They can look at entire cities and later draw them from memory with incredible detail and accuracy. They remember the weather or important events which occurred on any given date. They remember and know how to play hundreds of songs on the piano. They are able to perform long complex mathematical problems faster than calculators. These real-life examples show us that our minds have an incredible potential, which in most circumstances is largely untapped. Of course, not every person has the ability to do these things, but I believe these electronic devices are taking away our powers of concentration and observation…

Presently, the human mind is the most powerful computer in the world. I would love to know the true breadth of its capacity…

Are we losing mental abilities in exchange for a non-stop pursuit (and dependence) of ever-advancing technologies?


Entertainment exists all around us, but it has a different name, it’s called: OBSERVATION

And communication is as simple as saying “hello” to your neighbor with a happy smile.

Readers, please do not misinterpret this post, I do not want to sound like an annoying hypocrite. I am writing this for myself, just as much as I am writing it for you all. Good luck friends!


Charles DuFont

Creator of Tripoart, the best art promotion site!

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