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Tripoart is a team of artists, travelers, and adventurers. We provide a free space where artists from around the world can meet, share, and contribute to each others work. Master artists can benefit from the help of students and art patrons can support the arts by having talented artists enrich their personal projects. We encourage everyone interested in having more art in their lives, to get involved with this new global community!


Charles DuFont - Founder of Tripoart

Charles has been passionate about art and design for his entire life. He started out drawing and building curious inventions as a child, always exhibiting his broad creative talents and imagination. He loved to make things with his hands so later in his adolescence he studied woodworking. He became an exceptional furniture designer and worked in some of the best woodworking shops in the country.

After years of working in the United States, he decided it was time to travel. He started in Mexico and backpacked all the way down to Peru, passing through several diverse countries, working on organic farms and in fun hostels along the way. Making friends with Latinos and fascinating travelers from all around the world. It was an amazing and life changing experience.

That first big trip inspired him to decide to move to Latin America permanently, because of the laid-back lifestyle, beautiful nature, tasty food and immense sense of freedom. His country of choice: Colombia. 

Since he was a young child, he dabbled in the arts; drawing, painting, designing, writing, and building. Art has been his lifelong passion, but not his main source of income. 

It’s his goal to produce new works of art this year in 2018, and that’s one of the main reasons he started Tripoart. It’s a site to show others his work and motivate himself, but he doesn’t want to take this long difficult journey alone, that’s why Tripoart is also a social network. Community is key, artists need to network, inspire each other, and collaborate when they can.

Tripoart’s main objective is to help artists to find artistic work as they travel and provide a place to sell their art. He has met many struggling artists, so his mission is to help as many as possible. The vision of this site is very simple; let the world begin to appreciate art for what it is: a beautiful gift for all to enjoy!  

Charles is originally from New York, USA. He has traveled extensively throughout Europe, North, Central, and South America. He now lives on a banana/coffee farm with great WIFI service in Colombia, South America.

His primary interests and talents in art include furniture/jewelry design, sculpture, writing, and film. He’s also interested in fitness, spirituality, and international cuisine. 

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