21 Bodacious Benefits of Writing

21 Bodacious Benefits of Writing

Writing is just like one of those strange, elusive cats that stalk the outskirts of remote jungle villages in the heart of Papua New Guinea. While tribesmen munch on roots inside thatch huts and reminisce about hunting campaigns, smashing clubs on bamboo floors, and shaking shells ritualistically in harmony with the calls of nature that can be heard just outside their primitive homes, the cats growl from the thick bush, filling any listener with great wonder…

Whoops, sorry wait a second, where am I going with this… maybe I’m confused and exaggerating a little bit here. Writing is not as mysterious and exotic as a wild Papuan jungle cat, but ! it is still quite an impressive medium and in this post I’ll be listing off all the best reasons why writing is so remarkably bad-ass. So without further ado, I give to you this bodacious list designed for the gods and disciples of writing. Here we go!


  1. No budget is needed for actors or expensive special effects. Writing is a relatively low budget activity, where you have entire control of the characters you create.
  2. Does not cause significant harm to the environment, as the bulk of activity occurs in the writer’s and reader’s mind.
  3. Inspiration can come from almost any source. The writer’s imagination can be sparked at any moment and in any type of environment.
  4. Writing can be used to spread important messages. Whether they be political, environmental or whatever you wish to share.
  5. Writing can be done at home or anywhere with a pen and paper, on your phone, or laptop. Minimal amount of equipment is required.
  6. Create images and ideas in the reader’s mind. Your simple words can produce powerful and vivid imagery, with a lasting effect.
  7. Once you write and publish your work, it can be read by anyone who speaks your language and in any time period. Many of the books I read are twenty years old or much older.
  8. It does not require physical strength, or the use of heavy, potentially dangerous machinery or chemicals, like in other professions.
  9. Your words can be easily translated into other languages.
  10. They can also be converted into audio files.
  11. Can be easily distributed through online channels.
  12. Writing does not require a college degree.
  13. It’s quiet, convenient, and meditative.
  14. It’s a way to record personal ideas and viewpoints. In essence, capturing your state of mind at the time of writing.
  15. Is a quick and easy way to get your ideas and stories out of your head, which in a way is very therapeutic.
  16. Writing is fun! When everything is flowing, it’s like heaven. But when it isn’t, it can be miserable. If you ever have writer’s block, then read this post as well; for how to break out of it.
  17. Writing requires great amounts of research and soul-searching, which in turn will make you more knowledgeable and self-aware.
  18. It is very sexy! Okay, maybe more so for those of us who write erotica.
  19. It can be exciting, adventurous, scary, intense, hilarious, etc., depending on the genre and story you’re working on.
  20. It’s the foundation of many different mediums, including all types of research, filmmaking, songwriting, poetry, journalism, et cetera.
  21. The best part about writing is making a connection with your readers. Sometimes it only takes a few simple lines to make a reader laugh, touch someone’s heart or give them a glimmer of hope.


Hope you all enjoyed this list! Please, let me know if you know of any other benefits.

Coincidentally, I’m now a little bit tempted to write about the twenty-one reasons why writing sucks. You know, to balance things out. Think I should?


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