At Tripoart, art is our passion, and we believe that travel inspires great works of art. From Abstract Painting to Video Production, artists have a tremendous potential that can be harnessed in a way that benefits both artists and art patrons.


This is exactly what we do. Tripoart is a network of art-lovers, travelers and adventurers from across the globe. We are a friendly, independent, ad-free platform that brings artists together in a casual and risk-free way.

You could be a celebrated world-class artist, or the romantically cliched struggling artist living in your van dreaming of painting in the Australian Outback or making a marble replica of the Taj Mahal. Our website provides you with loads of opportunities to mentor emerging talent or be guided by the most inspiring artists, while nurturing your thirst for adventure!

Join our platform for all this and more! You can buy or commission artwork, share your experiences and expand your horizons. Check out our cool online store, forum, and blog for a glimpse of what we do.

We hope you have a fantastic day and thanks for visiting Tripoart!


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The Blank Canvas (Guest Post)
The man stood in front of his easel, a brush held loosely in his right hand, staring at the blank
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What’s Your Message?
As an artist/content producer, one of the first questions you should ask yourself is what message you want to share
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The Mad One – Part Five
“Move, move it faster! If you don't stay with them, they drag you behind the machines,” said the old translator.
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The Scottish Picts (Guest Post)
Scotland is rich with diverse histories. As a child, I knew I was Scots-Irish. As a teen, I felt different,
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The Essence of Freedom
I met a man years ago who was a professional real estate entrepreneur. He used to work for about eight
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The Greatest Party! – Part Five
“Holy Moley Joe, you have to come and see this,” said Adam, acting a little bit excited but still quite
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The Greatest Party! – Part Four
After the intense poetry jam, I went out back to see what was going on. Ping-pong tables were set up
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The Mad One – Part Four
“Damn, how tall are you?” I asked him. “6,8. That tall enough for ya?” he asked mockingly. “I used to
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Stream of Thoughts
Sometimes, I like to write short pieces based on a specific thought. This is a fun and interesting exercise, and
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